George Russell- Novak Djokovic

Priyanshu Raidas

George Russell Disses About FIA With Tennis Legend Novak Djokovic! Unhappy With Unstable Schedule

Formula 1 has to be one of the most expensive and fascinating sports in the world. The races do not just happen in just a few cities or counties but around the globe. And traveling to reach this different location could be both an enriching experience and a tiring one. However, the fans enjoy this format thoroughly as the race comes to their city once a year, and they celebrate it like a festival. The racers also get to race on their home turf, making it a much more special venue than it already is. But George Russell does seem to like a chaotic traveling schedule.

This lavish motorsport is often considered an expensive circus as they move and camp in any country decided in advance. And this week, they were meant to go to China for the Chinese GP, but the race got canceled due to the country’s unstable situation. This gave the racers some time to chill and spend their time doing some leisure activities. As a result, the Mercedes driver George Russell chose to witness Novak Djokovic in the second round of the Monte Carlo Masters. It is a usual affair for sports celebrities to visit each other and watch each other play. However, their meeting did raise some serious questions in front of the camera.


George Russell Raises Question On FIA

After acquiring an ugly win as Djokovic claimed his victory himself, he chatted with the infamous Mercedes driver George Russell who came to witness his game. The two continued to talk in front of the camera, asking each other about their happenings in the sport. And soon, the two started questioning FIA norms about traveling to different countries. Djokovic wanted to know about the destination of the next race from Russell. To that, the Briton responded, “We’ve got Azerbaijan next. We’ve just come back from Melbourne.”

Further into the conversation, Djokovic asked why the calendar is not split up more in a continent order. George Russell smiled before answering and said that the F1 racers had had this conversation with FIA before. But there are no such outcomes yet, and they have to do as the association orders. However, there were some bids suggesting that F1 will try and group races in similar locations to avoid unnecessary travel. But it does not seem that any particular change will be implemented this year.

Sustainability Of Formula 1 In Question

Developing one of the fastest cars on the surface of the planet causes expenses and pollution. And it will be a lengthy process to run cars efficiently without any use of carbons. Still, Stefano Domenicali is committed to making the F1 more sustainable until 2030. He said that “We are committed to making Formula One more sustainable and increasing diversity and opportunity across this incredible sport.”

It is important to make sports environment-friendly so that they can continue for a long time. And if the necessary steps are not taken well in advance, it can be chaotic in the future.