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“G Is Good,” Yankees Manager Addresses Giancarlo Stanton’s Awkward Baserunning

Giancarlo Stanton, known for his power-hitting and offensive prowess, has faced his share of injury setbacks throughout his career. This season itself, the Yankees hitter missed more than six weeks of game time due to a hamstring injury. While he returned eventually, the form took a massive hit as Stanton struggled to record hits, let alone hit towering home runs.

Fortunately for the New York Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton rediscovered his form just in time. Coming into Saturday’s game vs. Astros, Stanton had hit 10 home runs in 21 games with .919 OPS. However, a bizarre baserunning moment during the Yanks 3-1 win on Saturday raised a lot of suspicion over the hitter’s health. Aaron Boone, the manager, has finally reacted to the issue.


Aaron Boone Reckons Giancarlo Stanton Is “Good” Amid Raging Health Concerns

Giancarlo Stanton
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Giancarlo Stanton’s extensive troubling injury history is second to none. It has shunted his growth over the years. This season has been no different as well. The hitter suffered a hamstring injury pretty early into the season, which cost him several weeks of crucial game time. Naturally, the Yankees hitter wants to stay cautious as the team embarks upon a crucial stretch. However, his moment of hesitation and caution cost the Yanks a crucial run during Saturday’s game vs. Astros. With scores tied 1-1, Stanton tried to score from second base on a single from DJ LeMahieu. It looked like an easy ride home. However, Stanton missed the play by a few feet as he was thrown out at home. The hitter’s run clearly suggested that he was restricting himself, which raised a serious alarm over Stanton’s health status.

Addressing the issue, New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone brushed off any concerns. He seemingly claimed that Giancarlo Stanton is healthy and good. He has just been a little careful lately. Boone added that whenever the hitter feels he is putting himself in a dangerous position, he tends to restrict himself to avoid any potential injury scare. It’s Stanton’s way of preserving himself. The thought and concern of straining any muscle is always on the back of his mind. That was the only reason behind his awkward baserunning vs. Astros. Overall, Giancarlo Stanton’s health is good, and there are no underlying concerns. Having said that, as the Yankees continue their season, Stanton’s performance will undoubtedly be closely watched.

Yankees Missed Out An Opportunity To Get Back To Winning Ways

Carlos Rodon
Carlos Rodon exited with an apparent leg injury during the third inning of Sunday’s game against the Astros. Getty Images

After securing the series opener vs. Astros, the New York Yankees earned a perfect opportunity to win a series after a long while. However, they ended up blowing it completely. After Sunday’s underperformance, the Yanks split the four-game series. While the Yankees showed glimpses of their potential, inconsistency remained a challenge, preventing them from seizing the opportunity to return to their winning form.

Having said that, the Yankees are no longer in sole possession of the last post of the American League East division. With 58-54, the team ranks 4th, five games below the ultimate playoff wildcard spot. They are set to face lowly White Sox and Marlins next, which could get the team back into the ultimate spot.