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“Drake Curse” Back In Focus As Yankees Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton Spotted With The Canadian Rapper? Is It Real?

The New York Yankees are in the midst of turmoil this year. After 100 games, the team remains tied with Boston Red Sox for the last spot in the American League East Division. With just two months to go in the season, the odds of them making it to the seventh consecutive postseason looks bleak.

Last weekend, the New York Yankees witnessed a rare resurgence as they swept the Kansas City Royals at home. It also happened to be the team’s first series win post the All-Star break. After a hard-fought series, the Yanks enjoyed a much-needed break. During the break, top Yankee hitters Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton turned up for a concert that gained massive attention on social media.


Judge Stanton Spotted With Rapper Drake At His Concert, Should The Yankees Be Worried?

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The ‘Drake Curse’ has been a topic of debate and superstition in the world of sports for years. It refers to a belief that being associated with the Canadian rapper, Drake, could lead to a decline in performance or bad luck for sports teams and individual athletes. The curse gained prominence after several instances where athletes or sports teams experienced setbacks shortly after interacting with or being publicly associated with Drake. These occurrences sparked a wave of social media memes and jokes, further fueling the belief in the curse. This time, the curse is back in focus due to a couple of Yankees players.

On Monday, the Yankees had an off day. To make the most of the break, Yankee hitters Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton made a trip to Madison Square. The duo attended Canadian rapper Drake’s concert. Not only that, the rapper/singer walked out for the show with these two Yankee players. The video of the concert gained massive popularity on social media. However, some fans are also worried about the Drake Curse. Stanton has recently gained some form back, whereas Judge is fighting through an injury. Hence, at this stage, the team cannot afford any more setbacks to this potent duo. However, it’s worth noting that the ‘Drake Curse’ is just another example of sports superstition. It holds no grounds, nor is it a proven reality.

Anthony Rizzo Credits Taylor Swift For Explosion Vs. Royals

Clarke Schmidt showers Rizzo with sunflower seeds in the dugout. Twitter NYY

Yankees first baseman Anthony Rizzo is popularly known as a mega Taylor Swift fan. He reportedly spent a huge chunk of money on merchandise while attending the singer’s ERA tour series in New York. Meanwhile, as Rizzo hit his career-worst slump, he changed his walk-up song to “Ready For It?” by Taylor Swift and instantly gained success. In the series finale against the Royals on Sunday, he broke his months-long homerless streak and recorded a four-hit game.

Along with a solo hit, he also scored two RBIs in the Yankees’ 8-5 win to clean-sweep the Royals. Owing to a rare series win, the Yanks are no longer in sole possession of the bottom place of the AL-East division. They remain tied with rivals Boston Red Sox. However, the next stretch of games remains highly competitive. Hence, the Bombers need to stay at the top of their game to keep the playoff hopes alive.