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“Don’t Really Think It Was His Fault,” Yankees Aaron Judge, DJ LeMahieu “Surprised” With Sacking Of Dillon Lawson!

With a playoff berth on the line, the New York Yankees made some bold decisions during the All-Star break. At the time of the break, the team found themselves out of the playoff race as they plunged to fourth position in the AL-East Division. Eyeing the alarming circumstances, the front office felt the need for a change in the leadership group.

As a result, the Yankees fired hitting coach Dillon Lawson on an immediate basis. Lawson apparently failed to revive and help the hitters recover from the slump. Sean Casey, a former MLB baseman and broadcaster, was hired as the interim coach for the rest of the season. However, a couple of top Yankee batters still can’t wrap their head around the change as they sympathized with Lawson.


Aaron Judge, DJ LeMahieu Claims Dillon Lawson’s Abrupt Sacking Came As A Surprise!

Aaron Judge (l) and DJ LeMahieu AP

Brian Cashman had just fired a coach mid-season for the first time in his managerial career with the Yankees, which naturally left everyone shell-shocked. At the same time, some kind of accountability was also the need of the hour, considering the hitters’ abysmal performance on the plate. As a result, Dillon Lawson’s firing from the coaching staff was largely welcomed by the fans. However, a couple of Yankee players who worked closely with Lawson were not that thrilled with the change. DJ LeMahieu, a veteran infielder, said that the team’s offensive slump was not Lawson’s or anyone’s fault. It’s just that they were not hitting and clicking in the first half. Things just naturally went haywire.

On the other hand, Yankees injured captain Aaron Judge praised Dillon Lawson for his work over the past couple of seasons. He said that he and Lawson got some really quality work done during his time with the team. Judge made an effort to understand his philosophy and where he was coming from. Over time, the captain really got along well with Dillon, whose crucial advice he still uses in his game to date. Clearly, the team wasn’t expecting Lawson’s imminent sacking before they headed into the break. But with Sean Casey now in his place, the Yankees must find a way to work around their shortcomings and make a late playoff push.

Sean Casey Praises Aaron Judge For Firing Up His Yankees Teammates!

Sean Casey
Credit: AP

On his very first day at the office, Sean Casey, the Yankee’s newly appointed hitting coach, held a team meeting with the hitters. He said that Aaron Judge, the team’s captain, led the charge and spoke in length about what he wanted from the hitters in the second half of the season. His energy brought a lot of motivation among the guys, who looked pretty much fired up after the meeting.

Aaron Judge currently remains on the sidelines with an injury. However, that did not limit him from adhering to his captainship duties. He stays with the team in almost every game and plays the role of a mentor. Having said that, it’s just a matter of time before Judge is back on the field to lead the team from the front. He is progressing well in rehab. An imminent return seems just on the cards providing no further setbacks.