Dillon Lawson, Anthony Volpe

Anthony Volpe, the New York Yankees rookie, had witnessed a form slump a few weeks ago. The rookie, who was seen as the next big thing in baseball, suddenly lost his ability to record hits. Moreover, the slump lasted long enough to endanger the shortstop’s position on the roster. However, thanks to the team’s unwavering support, Volpe managed to keep his head straight.

The Yankees benched Anthony Volpe sometime during May as a result of his poor form on the plate. Later, on an off-day, the rookie went back home to New Jersey to take his mind off the major league pressure. Little did he know, his life was going to change after that dinner night with friends. However, a theory suggests that Volpe’s resurgence post that dinner might have led to the Yanks hitting the coach’s ouster.


Anthony Volpe’s Comeback On The Plate Might Have Led To Dillon Lawson’s Exit!

May 23, 2023; Bronx, New York, USA; New York Yankees shortstop Anthony Volpe (11) reacts to hitting a sacrifice fly ball against the Baltimore Orioles during the tenth inning at Yankee Stadium. / Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

This season, Yankees hitting coach, Dillon Lawson proved to be ineffective, as many hitters witnessed a slump under his supervision. One among the many was rookie Anthony Volpe. However, his fortune changed one fine day, which put Lawson under the scanner. Apparently, Anthony Volpe invited his minor league friend, Austin Wells, for a chicken parm dinner at his home in New Jersey. While having dinner, the duo were watching Volpe’s old batting clips and noticed something Dillon Lawson could not. Wells pointed out that Volpe had changed his batting stance in the major league as he had gone wider from the plate.

Anthony Volpe felt the same, and the duo ended up having a long conversation over it. The next day, the shortstop turned up for practice and changed his stance. He moved closer to the plate and reduced the gap between his hips. That small adjustment worked like magic as Volpe exploded on the plate. His average touched .300 with more than .500 OPS. The rookie also delivered some match-winning performances post that adjustment. However, the kid’s resurgence proved to be disastrous for Dillon Lawson. It put his competency as a coach into question as fans wondered how Lawson could miss something that two minor league kids figured out in a day. Ultimately, it resulted in his exit from the club as he failed to prove his worth to the front office.

After Firing Dillon Lawson, Yankees Appoints New Interim Hitting Coach

Sean Casey will be the Yankees’ next hitting coach. Getty Images

Just a day after sacking Dillon Lawson, the New York Yankees have appointed a new interim hitting coach. The team announced the onboarding of former Reds baseman Sean Casey. Casey, an ex-teammate of Yanks manager Aaron Boone and an MLB broadcaster, will now coach the Bronx Bombers for the rest of the season. He is being inducted on a trial basis, and only after evaluating his performance will the club decide on his future.

It’s worth noting that Sean Casey has no prior coaching experience. After retiring in 2008, he joined the MLB network as a broadcaster and analyst. It seems a little unusual for the Yankees to hire an inexperienced staff. But, since they wanted someone from outside the organization, Casey proved to be a perfect fit. Also, his personal relationship with skipper Aaron Boone earned him some brownie points.