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The recently concluded British Grand Prix produced mixed results for Red Bull Racing. While their ace driver, Max Verstappen, claimed victory, his fellow Mexican teammate, Sergio Perez, ended up on P6 following a horrendous qualifying session. Perez crashed out of Q1 during the qualifying session, due to which he started the race from P15.

This is the fifth time Sergio Perez has failed to reach Q3 of the qualifying session while driving the fastest car on the grid. Naturally, he found himself at the receiving end. Rumors of his replacement have been circling around, especially with Daniel Ricciardo sitting back in the factory as a reserve driver. While Red Bull has promised to back the Mexican driver for now, a recent meet-up has sparked a huge debate on the internet.


Red Bull Motorsport Advisor’s Meeting With Lando Norris’ Agent Sparks Driver Swap Rumors

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McLaren had the Silverstone crowd buzzing this weekend. With new updates, their lead driver and British native, Lando Norris, clinched a provisional pole before Max Verstappen cruised around in Red Bull. Nonetheless, both McLaren drivers attained a front-row start, with Norris finishing P2 at his home Grand Prix. The fans applauded the 23-year-old, and even got voted as the driver of the day. Ever since Lando Norris got into F1, his talent has been highly regarded by those who worked with him. There is a reason McLaren prioritized him over Daniel Ricciardo and locked him till 2025. Everyone on the paddock knows that with the right car, Norris possesses the capability to win a championship.

Meanwhile, Red Bull is apparently keeping a close eye on the British driver. A picture of Helmut Marko having a deep conversation with Lando Norris’ agent Berryman at Silverstone is going viral. It sparked speculation amongst F1 fans that Red Bulls are trying to poach Norris from McLaren. However, such meetings are not that uncommon during race weekends. Besides, Berryman has a list of drivers under his helm. Hence, it is possible that the meeting was just a casual discussion between two motorsport officials. But given the current circumstances, it could also mean that Marko is interested in offering a seat to Norris. With Sergio Perez’s future under scanner, Lando could be a perfect fit in the drink-based team. Regardless, for now, these rumors remain nothing but mere conjectures.

Helmut Marko Backs Sergio Perez Despite Poor Run

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After an underwhelming result at the British Grand Prix, rumors of Sergio Perez’s axing gained momentum. However, Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko cleared the air. He said that Perez is not going anywhere until his contract expires in 2024. He said that as long as the Mexican driver is scoring points and extending his lead in the driver’s championship, he stays out of danger. Marko believes that during the race, Perez is the fastest driver besides Max Verstappen. The only problem is the underwhelming qualifying sessions.

Once Sergio Perez breaches into Q3 of the qualifying session, a podium finish is just writing on the wall. Overall, a driver swap between Red Bull and McLaren looks unlikely at the moment. Lando Norris is embedded with McLaren till 2025, and he wishes to adhere to it, especially now that the team is making progress. On the other hand, Perez is receiving enough support from the top brass to keep his seat, at least for this season.