Max Verstappen Sergio Perez
Max Verstappen Sergio Perez At 2023 Pre Testing Session

Red Bull ace Max Verstappen is unstoppable at the moment. Ever since his debut back in 2014-15, the Formula One star showed promise. But he reached an indomitable status since the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix victory in 2021. That’s when the F1 graph changed for good. And since then, Red Bull is the dominant team for sure, as they have won all the races so far this season. And stretching back to the last season, Red Bull has won 11 consecutive races and equaled McLaren’s record back in 1988.

Talking about the constructor’s title, Red Bull is way ahead of the rest there as well. And the credit goes not only to the incredible and the fastest car on the grid, RB19 but also to its driver, Max Verstappen. The Dutchman has won eight races out of ten so far among which he has won six in a row. On the other hand, his teammate, Sergio Perez, only won a couple in the first four races. But since then, he has lost his way somehow and not been able to recover. Despite driving the fastest car on the grid, Checo has not been consistent. And it looks like now, it is severely affecting his stay situation with Red Bull.


Max Verstappen Believes He Doesn’t Know What’s Wrong With Checo

Max Verstappen Sergio Perez
2PWER84 VERSTAPPEN Max (ned), Red Bull Racing RB19, portrait PEREZ Sergio (mex), Red Bull Racing RB19, portrait press conference during the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2023, 4th round of the 2023 Formula One World Championship from April 28 to 30, 2023 on the Baku City Circuit, in Baku, Azerbaijan – Photo Xavi Bonilla/DPPI Credit: DPPI Media/Alamy Live News

Since the Miami Grand Prix, Sergio Perez got his second podium finish in Red Bull’s home circuit at the Austrian Grand Prix. Overall, he has secured five podiums this year so far. After a promising start, the Mexican made several mistakes, especially during the Q3 stages of the race. However, when reporters asked Max Verstappen about his teammate’s consistency issues, the Dutchman replied, “I don’t know why. You should ask Helmut Marko or Christian Horner.” Although, he believes that with a car like RB19, he (Checo) should be able to get into Q3.

Max Verstappen further mentioned that he is not just winning the driver’s world championship. But also, the current double-time champion is all set to win the constructor title for his team alone. Unlike McLaren, Mercedes, and Ferrari, the Red Bull drivers have a big gap in terms of their performance. When Max has not missed a single podium this year, Checo, on the other hand, has missed half of all the races so far. Initially, it looked as if Sergio Perez could produce a thrilling contest against his teammate. But the way he faded away was disappointing for the fans and even for the team. Hence, Verstappen is alone up there for Red Bull, winning races and increasing the lead in the driver’s as well as constructor’s titles. 

Is Verstappen A Bit Selfish?

Max Verstappen Christian Horner
Max Verstappen Christian Horner Red Bull Source: The Mirror

From 2014 to 2021, Mercedes ruled the F1 grid like a hound. But the driver’s champion went to the Dutchman after a controversial and narrow win against the then reigning champion, Lewis Hamilton. Since then, Max has never looked back. He has established himself as an F1 great. And now, he is on the verge of winning his third title in a row.

Hence, the current double-time champion is the racer to beat for all the other drivers at present. He is ruthlessly competitive, and some experts even call him selfish. But Christian Horner, the Red Bull boss, suggested that a great driver cannot win again and again without being a little selfish.