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Check-Out: How Yankees Announcer Apparently Jinxed The Team In A Crushing 8–7 Loss To The Rockies 

Sports superstitions are not uncommon, and fans are known for their beliefs in the power of jinxes and curses. Whether it’s avoiding talking about a potential no-hitter or refraining from mentioning a player’s hot streak, fans often find ways to avoid tempting fate and potentially impacting their team’s performance. This time a Yankees announcer got caught in the crossroads.

The Yankees were facing Colorado Rockies in a crucial series finale. The Rockies posed as a challenging opponent by putting up an inspiring fight. The game eventually landed in extra innings, where the Rockies got the upper hand. However, the fans noticed something unusual about the commentary and called out the announcer for the same.


Did John Flaherty Jinxed The Yankees?

Alan Trejo
Credit: AP

In the world of sports, superstitions, and jinxes have long been a part of the culture. They can play a significant role in how fans perceive certain moments during a game. In a crushing 8-7 loss to the Colorado Rockies, some New York Yankees fans are pointing fingers at the team’s announcer. They argue that he may have jinxed the team with his commentary during a crucial part of the game. The series finale entered into the 11th inning as the scores stayed tied 6-6. Just then, Rockies infielder Alan Trejo walked in on a plate for his at-bat. Alan had apparently not hit a home run this entire year in as many as 120 at-bats.

John Flaherty, the Yankees announcer, read out the same stat a loud during commentary. Little did the announcer know that these words would soon be interpreted by some fans as a jinx. Following his comment, Alan Trejo hit a homer off Ron Marinaccio over the left field to lift the Rockies to a series win. Having said that, while it’s true that the Yankees ultimately suffered a heartbreaking loss, attributing it solely to a jinx is not ideal or reasonable. The Yanks underperformed and failed to live up to the expectations. It has been their story this season so far. So jinx or no jinx, the Bronx Bombers have nobody but themselves to blame for the humiliating series loss.

Anthony Rizzo, Clay Holmes Reacts To Series Loss Vs. Rockies

Anthony Rizzo, Clay Holmes

A crushing series loss to Colorado Rockies was a tough pill to swallow for the New York Yankees. They hoped to have a batter start to the second half of the season. But fate had its own plans. Meanwhile, Anthony Rizzo, who is currently under a career-worst offensive slump, looked absolutely clueless. He said he does not have any answers to his struggle on the plate. Just to point out, Rizzo has not hit a homer in the past 41 games. Rizzo added that the entire team is frustrated with not attaining the desired results.

On the other hand, Clay Holmes, who has been a standout reliever this season, had a rare poor outing. In just 0.1 innings pitched, Holmes gave away two hits and one run. However, the reliever believes that the Yankees roster is more than capable of getting back to winning ways. The belief is still there in the clubhouse. But at the same time, the team realizes that the change in results must happen now. The whole unit, together, is trying to figure it out.