Francis Ngannou Net Worth: Everything To Know About The Predator\’s Career Earnings

The current UFC Heavyweight Champion, Francis Ngannou is certainly one of the scariest fighters in the UFC right now. Initially, he was one of the lowest-paid fighters in his division. However, it changed when he began to deliver devastating right hands to finish his opponents in a single blow. It helped him increasing his paycheck as well, and now \’The Predator\’ is one of the highest-paid fighters of the UFC.

Francis Zavier Ngannou is a Cameroonian MMA fighter. At present, he is competing at the heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and is the reigning Heavyweight champion. As of June 2021, Ngannou was ranked #5 in the UFC\’s men\’s pound-for-pound rankings. Francis Nganous, who is also known as The Predator, is also the recorded puncher in history. 

Net Worth: $4 Million


Francis Ngannous Net Worth

By 2021, Francis Ngannou Net Worth is estimated to be around $4 Million. As we mentioned earlier, he didn\’t make much money in his initial fights. However, his paycheck increased once he started dominating the Heavyweight division. His first six digits salary came at UFC Fight Night back in 2016 when he bagged a whopping amount of $124,000. Recently, Ngannou was on a five-fight winning streak. He recently defeated Stipe Miocic by knockout at UFC 260. This is the fight where he gets his highest paycheck ever of $580,000 that included the performance bonus of the night as well. At present, Ngannou has estimated career earnings of $2,157,500.

Francis Ngannou UFC Career

The Predator began his training at the age of 22. He always wanted to be a boxer. However, due to some family problems, he ended up in martial arts. Francis Ngannous made his UFC debut against another debutant Luis Henrique. The Predator ended the fight in the second round and registered via TKO. He knocked out several opponents before challenging Stipe Miocic in the title bout. However, Miocic picked up loopholes in Ngannou\’s performance and successfully defend his title. He lost his next fight against Derrick Lewis as well. But after that, he never turned back and won the UFC Heavyweight title by defeating Stipe Miocis at UFC 260. Now, there is a possibility that the Predator will face Derrick Lewis once again in his next bout. 


If Francis Ngannou continues to perform like this, then his net worth will soon touch the sky. UFC is yet to reveal where and when the next bout of Ngannou will take place, but the fans are very excited to see the Predator in action once again. 

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