FIA Will Discuss Carbon Brake Dust Concerns With Formula 1 Teams After Sebastian Vettel\’s Criticism!

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel recently raised concern infront of the FIA about the increased health risk due to the brake dust being directed toward the drivers in the 2022 car\’s cockpit. The four-time world champion\’s face was smeared with black carbon dust during the Austrian GP on Sunday. The Aston Martin driver called for a change to the brake duct rules, forcing teams to eject the airflow from the carbon discs inwards rather than blowing out through the wheels. As a result, the carbon brake dust is directed toward the cockpit, which is a major concern to F1 drivers\’ health and safety.

The FIA also responded to Vettel\’s concerns after the race in Austria. The F1 governing body has decided to look into the issue posing a risk to the health and safety of drivers. The FIA has included the issue on its agenda for the next Sports Advisory Committee meeting, involving racing team members, to find a scope of improvement.


Talking to Sky Sports after Sunday\’s race, Sebastian suggested the FIA needs to focus on the brake duct design. The German driver shared the front axles of 2022 cars are blowing all the brake dust in the drivers\’ faces. Vettel said, breathing the carbon rake dust is quite unhealthy. Thus, Sabastian added, \”I hope the FIA looks into this very soon because it is pointless and something that is easy to change.\”

However, the carbon brake dust concern is nothing new. The issue was first pointed out by GP driver Mika Salo roughly 20 years ago. The former Ferrari driver revealed that his doctors found high content of carbon dust in his lungs during a surgical procedure in 2002.

Valtteri Bottas Raised A Similar Issue In 2019

Former Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas revealed in 2019 that he often sneezed black dust after races. It was because of the brake dust he inhaled in the cockpit during races. However, the 32-year-old was unsure what could be done to reduce the brake dust emissions. The Alfa Romeo driver admitted that some brake dust came from their own cars. However, Valtteri suggested that most of the dust came from the cars in front and would likely be there.


The Finnish racer explained that he sneezed black dust after the race. However, he was not sure what long-term effects the dust had on the drivers\’ bodies. Bottas added, \”I think no one ever looked into it. I would rather be breathing clean air. However, I was not sure what can be done.\”

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