Mercedes have had quite an ordinary time in the 2022 season of Formula One. And Lewis Hamiton’s substandard performance has been one of the main reasons behind it amid concerns like porpoising. Meanwhile, the FIA has recently confirmed that they have examined Hamilton’s F1 car to check for the few issues that have been highlighted. But what were the issues? Let us take a look.

FIA To Investigate Hamilton’s Mercedes!

Due to Mercedes’ inability to match the speed of Ferrari and Red Bull this season, Lewis Hamilton has not been able to contend for victories. And recently, the FIA meticulously examined some of the Mercedes’ main components as part of their investigation into Lewis Hamilton’s vehicle. After the Hungarian Grand Prix, Hamilton’s car was chosen for a “comprehensive physical assessment”. The inspections closely examined the Mercedes’ internal electronics, electrical loom, and steering wheel. The FIA, however, revealed that Hamilton’s vehicle was legitimate and adhered to all regulations.

The FIA conducted the evaluations following the Hungarian Grand Prix earlier this month. However, they just recently disclosed that the inspections were conducted. It happened after Jo Bauer released a Technical Delegate report. Car number 44 was selected at random from the top ten cars after the Hungarian Grand Prix to undergo more thorough health examinations. These physical examinations involved the steering wheel’s internal electronics, linked wiring looms, and software. The report concluded as, “All inspected components were found to be in compliance with the 2022 Formula One Technical Regulations.”

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix also included a thorough physical examination of Lewis Hamilton’s F1 car. Back in Jeddah, it was discovered that Hamilton’s vehicle complied with the rules just like it had in Budapest. The in-depth inspections are part of a new campaign by the FIA to ensure that the cars follow the rules. As usual, each car undergoes a post-race inspection. But this year, the FIA is testing each car thoroughly.

Mercedes Hopes Rule Change Will Affect Red Bull & Ferrari

Formula One is returning to Belgium for the upcoming Grand Prix after the rain played the spoilsport in the last year’s GP in the country. In the 2022 Formula One Championship, Red Bull and Ferrari have maintained their significant lead over Mercedes. 


However, the advantage enjoyed by the front-running pair was allegedly due to a shady application of the aerodynamic regulations for the parts of the cars’ undercarriages linked to the infamous bouncing. It’s one of those situations where the design isn’t quite illegal. But according to their competitors, it most clearly goes against the letter of the law. The FIA discovered that the loophole had been closed moving forward to Spa. It will be interesting to see who suffers the most as a result.

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