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The FIA has issued the latest amendments made to the fuel and engine regulations, finalized during the recent World Motor Sport Council(WMSC) meeting. As per the changes, the team will not be allowed to replace a power unit with an upgraded engine in parc ferme conditions during a power unit change. Thus, the amendment will allow teams to take more tactical grid penalties and fit a fresh & upgraded engine.

The FIA also addressed the 2026 engine regulations. Earlier, the governing body announced that the new power units would be powered by fully sustainable fuel. The FIA revealed that the final specifications are yet to be discussed and finalized during the next WMSC meeting in October. Talking about the future engines, the FIA stated that the World Council provided an update on the 2026 Power Unit Regulations\’ progress. However, the regulations are yet to be finalized and will be decided in October during the next meeting. The governing body aimed to do considerable work and consultation between the FIA, Formula One, the Power unit manufacturers, and potential newcomers.

2026 Engine Plans

Meanwhile, the FIA discussed issues like the fuel temperature. The governing body revealed that the fuel temperature threshold during hotter races would now be 20° instead of 15°C. Recently, Red Bull almost missed the deadline to leave the pit during the Spanish Grand Prix. They had to wait for their fuel to reach the required temperature in hot Barcelona conditions.

Moreover, a decision to make temporary repairs to the power unit has been made. The rules regarding wing mirrors have also been amended to improve the rear visibility for drivers. Further, the deflection tests for beam wing flexibility and the rear wing mainplane trailing edge have also changed.

FIA President Informs About Other Major Changes

The FIA president Mohammed ben Sulayem informed that the WMSC gathered in Paris and discussed various issues. The planned the F1\’s approach moving forward in the framework of the motorsport\’s new governance approach. The former rally driver also stated that the FIA and the council continue to push for sustainability. Their target is to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030. 

Mohammed ben Sulayem

Meanwhile, the council members also approved the FIA\’s new Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy. The new policy will represent a zero-tolerance approach against Harassment or any kind of discrimination. In addition, Sulayem thanked the members for their constant efforts to lay out a path for the organization in order to achieve its long-term objectives.

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