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Italy is Ferrari\’s home country. Thus, fans had high expectations from The Prancing Horse in the Italian Grand Prix of F1 2022. However, the team could not fulfill these expectations as the team suffered a lack of pace against Red Bull in the race. As a result, there has been heavy criticism against Ferrari\’s setup, especially team leader Mattia Binotto from the fans all around. Now, Binotto has given an explanation for Ferrari\’s mediocre performance in the Italian GP. 

David Coulthard Defends Mattia Binotto!


Ferrari supporters have found it difficult to support their side despite having championship-winning equipment. Therefore, the Italian outfit has been receiving a lot of criticism from the fans because of their disappointing performance at their home circuit, Monza GP, with Mattia Binotto receiving the most of it.


In the meanwhile, Binotto has received support from former British Motorsports driver David Coulthard. According to the former Red Bull driver, Binotto wasn\’t solely responsible for the power unit\’s reliability problems or for his bad strategic judgment. Coulthard praised Binotto for being cool under pressure while racing for Ferrari. Charles Leclerc also made a mistake at the French GP, according to Coulthard, when he lost the lead.

Mattia Binotto Defends Ferrari

The Italian team has battled issues ranging from reliability to tactical shortcomings. When Charles Leclerc was leading the race in Barcelona, his power unit malfunctioned, resulting in DNFs. Then there were the countless tactical gaffes in Monaco, Silverstone, and elsewhere. The Ferrari driver has suffered an excessive amount of point losses as a result of team mistakes and is now virtually out of championship contention.


Ferrari team leader then said following his team\’s humiliation at the Italian Grand Prix in 2022. Mattia Binotto publicly admitted that although people need to change, things do as well. He stated, “It’s difficult for a fan, I think, to see a car on pole and not starting on pole because he’s got grid penalties or whatever.\” Binotto further added, “Maybe the three power units for each driver are too little at that stage. Maybe we need to reconsider as well for the next season.”

The Ferrari team manager commended his underwhelming crew. But he also emphasized the characteristics of concern. Overall, the crew did a great job creating the present automobile. Still, there are certain things that might be done better. According to Binotto, the Italian did not require personnel changes. However, they undoubtedly need to make some changes. It has to transform the way people approach the decision-making process.

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