Ferrari\’s Charles Leclerc Succumbed To Intense Pressure From The Home Crowd In Imola, Claims Emmerson Fittipaldi


Ferrari was expected to win big ahead of the Emilia Romagna at their home circuit in Imola. The Scuderia were the favorites to win the race in Italy after a magnificent start of the season from Charles Leclerc. Lately, the Monegasque driver won two of the first three races before the Imola GP. The 24-year-old currently leads the drivers\’ championship rankings this season. Thus, Ferrari\’s supporters hoped he would clinch another victory at home against the reigning world champion Max Verstappen. Unfortunately, the weekend ended in a disaster for the two Ferrari drivers who lost control of their F1-75s.

Carlos Sainz was knocked out of the race early after his collision with Daniel Ricciardo. Ferrari was inching to get closer to Red Bull with only one driver left. Verstappen and Perez led the race in the first and second positions. Leclerc was chasing the duo in the third position. However, he lost control of his car and spun before lightly hitting the barriers. The error cost Charles a lot of time. He slipped to the ninth position after losing a secured podium spot. Moreover, Leclerc had to work really hard to finish in the sixth position during a disappointing week for the Scuderia. Recently, Emerson Fittipaldi told that Charles and Sainz tried too hard and succumbed to the extreme pressure in Imola. 

Leclerc & Sainz

Leclerc & Sainz Tried Too Hard Under Pressure

Emerson Fittipaldi told that the pressure from Tifosi wanting Ferrari to win led to the drivers making crucial errors in the circuit. The former Brazilian driver said that he could imagine the pressure Ferrari felt at Imola. Everyone assumed the Scuderia to win, which led to more pressure on Leclerc and Sainz. Thus, the two-time world champion feels that the expectations of winning in Italy in front of the Tifosi created extra pressure on Ferrari. 

Verstappen & Leclerc

Further, Fittipaldi said that Charles and Carlos tried too hard under immense pressure, resulting in costly mistakes. Hopefully, Charles and Carlos will perform better against the front-running Red Bull, who seemed to be the fastest team across the Imola circuit. Verstappen and Perez took some crucial points

during the weekend as the Dutchman came closer to Leclerc in the drivers\’ rankings. He reduced Charles\’ lead from 45 points to 27 points. Hence, there will be more pressure to perform at Miami on Charles Leclerc. Verstappen will look to stay well ahead of his Red Bull rival in the upcoming Grand Prix on May 9th.

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