On Sunday, everything that could have possibly gone wrong did go wrong for Ferrari Carlos Sainz at Dutch Grand Prix. During a race, a stupid mistake on his team’s part led the driver to have only three tires ready at the pit stop. Then, he also faced a very tight encounter with a McLaren engineer. Meanwhile, in what people have been calling a ‘harsh call,’ the authorities awarded him a 5-second penalty. 

Carlos Sainz Upset Over The Penalty!

Carlos Sainz is undoubtedly dissatisfied with the punishment he received on Sunday. During the safety car period, Sainz pitted from sixth place to switch from hard to soft tyres for the last stint of the race. The race director, Eduardo Freitas, claims he was told to follow the line of cars along the pit lane after being released in front of Alpine’s Fernando Alonso. Alonso nearly stopped in front of the Ferrari after making evasive moves. Even worse, as Sergio Perez exited the Red Bull pits, a wheel gun that had been left unattended in a frenzy to capture Carlos Sainz was run over. That specific error didn’t impress race control much.


After investigating the incident, the stewards gave the Ferrari driver a five-second penalty. As a result, he was suddenly ninth in the final classification after being fifth on the track. After the race, Sainz told F1 management that he had to maneuver around a McLaren engineer, which put him in unsafe proximity to Fernando Alonso’s Alpine. However, Carlos Sainz felt as though he was punished for saving a life. In the interview, Carlos stated, “I was launching into the pit lane correctly. The problem was that I had to brake to avoid taking a McLaren mechanic out of this life. I find it very frustrating.” Meanwhile, Sainz also mentioned that one of the reasons behind the penalty was that Alonso might have exaggerated the events a bit. 

In Scuderia driver’s opinion, the Dutch Grand Prix’s hazardous release led to a penalty, which he felt was unfair. He had to steer clear of a member of the pit crew of the other team. Carlos Sainz added that the penalty was something he couldn’t understand. Although he would bring it up with the FIA. Mattia Binotto, the Ferrari manager, also agreed with his driver. Because of the extremely constrained pit lane, Binotto claimed that he disagreed with the stewards’ ruling. Sainz had to navigate around Lando Norris’ McLaren up front. The team leader said, “Honestly, I feel that the decision of the FIA, of the stewards, has been very, very harsh.

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