The Dutch Grand Prix is all set to go in full swing. Meanwhile, in the Zandvoort paddocks, there have been talks that Red Bull is planning to present a modernized chassis in the time to come. So that they can restrain the car weight issue the team has struggled with since the start of the year. Although, their competitor Ferrari is not particularly happy about it. And after hearing the news, Ferrari team principal, Mattia Binotto, has urged the FIA to take a look into the matter strongly.

Ferrari Responds To Rumors Of Red Bull’s Light Weight Chasis!

In order to even out the playing field between the established “big” teams and the teams at the other end of the pit lane, F1 races are held under severe financial restrictions. Last weekend’s race at Spa-Francorchamps saw the spread of rumors regarding a new lightweight chassis for Red Bull. However, the team principal, Christian Horner, was compelled to refute. However, according to reports, by the end of the year, the Austrian team is planning to debut a chassis that is 4 kg lighter than the one it currently uses. This will result in even greater performance for their drivers, Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen.

Christian Horner stated that the chassis would run for the next several races following the race at Spa. He verified that the racing chassis utilized in Hungary and Belgium were the same. Before the season was through, he was wary of any attempt to deploy a lighter chassis. Meanwhile, Ferrari has responded to the rumors regarding the updated chassis. When discussing the subject, Ferrari team captain Mattia Binotto admitted that it would be unexpected if Red Bull did so given the limitations of the budget limits, the enforcement of which he stated was always a concern.

Ferrari- Red Bull

Binotto said that they have the technical, sporting, and financial regulations in the F1 races. This can make a difference between teams in how they interpret and execute it. The Scuderia boss added, “We know that we need to have a very strong FIA to have it properly focusing. Otherwise, the regulations themselves will not be fair and equitable.

The Ferrari principal has already expressed his worries about the FIA’s ability to enforce the budget cap regulations. He thinks that the organization in charge of overseeing Formula One will need to increase the size of its enforcement staff. The financial restrictions are now quite green, according to Binotto. Despite this, in the constructors’ championship, Ferrari now trails Red Bull by 118 points. And the reason is Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez’s one-two finish in the Belgian Grand Prix.

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