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Before the Italian Grand Prix of 2022, Mika Hakkinen publicly expressed his dissatisfaction in his most recent Unibet piece during the Italian weekend of Formula 1. He urged that additional advancement is required for the technicians, engineers, drivers, and the whole management team. The team leader is also included in this. According to Mika Hakkinen, Ferrari boss John Elkann\’s words have increased pressure on the team. After losing a championship attempt, he claimed Ferrari management and drivers would also be under \”additional pressure.\”

According to Hakkinen, Ferrari has always been under a lot of strain, and this pressure is exclusive to them. At McLaren, employees experienced the stress of fighting to win, giving it their all, and not being content if they did not succeed. Ferrari, though, has always been under extra strain since it is a hybrid national team. He stated, \”I think this season has been difficult because they started with a quick car, race wins and a lot of confidence, but Red Bull have operated so efficiently, making so few mistakes and improving the car.\”


Mattia Binotto Responds To Ferrari Chairman\’s Comment!

Ferrari CEO John Elkann stated in a rare interview that he had \”great trust\” in Binotto during the Italian Grand Prix weekend. However, he emphasized that despite trailing well behind Red Bull, he remained unsatisfied with their season. Meanwhile, Ferrari team manager Mattia Binotto has acknowledged that improvements must be made if his team is to win championships once more. He acknowledged that a \”painful\” finish behind Mercedes is only conceivable due to too many errors.

Binotto stated, \”If we look at the current season, we know there are still steps which are required to be in the position to win a championship.\” Despite a long list of operational mistakes, Binotto and Ferrari have been criticized this season for their resistance to reform. As a result, it was nearly difficult to defeat Red Bull Max Verstappen in the championship races. 


Ferrari has struggled so hard that they are now considerably closer to Mercedes in the standings. Given their start, this situation seemed unthinkable earlier in the year. Verstappen, a Red Bull driver, won his 11th race to increase his lead in the drivers\’ standings to 116 points. Verstappen now has a chance to win the championship in Singapore in the next race. Even though Verstappen started sixth and Charles Leclerc\’s Ferrari came from first place. The pace of his competitor was unanswerable by the Monégasque.

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