Formula One has been around for decades and is certainly one of the most exciting and enthralling sporting events. While driving on these tracks, Formula, One driver creates history and achieves glory on the track. Since the 1950 beginning of the Formula 1 World Championship, around 800 drivers and more than 160 teams have competed. Meanwhile, there are a few unwanted records that the driver has been associated with. 

Most Starts Without A Point!

You’d have thought Luca Badoer may have managed at least one point in his 50 starts since he raced a Ferrari throughout his career. Badoer’s dismal two-race Ferrari stint in 2009 occurred a decade after his preceding Formula One Grand Prix, whereas the majority of his career spanned the years 1993 to 1999. He was behind the wheel of several subpar vehicles made by Lola, Forti, and Minardi.

Though the Italian was compelled to withdraw his Minardi from P4 at the 1999 European Grand Prix, Badoer’s agonizing record wasn’t entirely his own doing. As soon as the car broke down, the upset driver, who had just lost his opportunity at fame, swept on the sidepod.

Most Podiums Without A Win

Formula One

Nick Heidfeld is one of several F1 drivers who never claimed a victory while having a very successful career that lasted 12 seasons and 183 Grand Prix. Heidfeld earned a total of 13 podium finishes, which will go down in Formula One history. However, he never reached the top step, finishing the third five times and the second eight times instead. 

Heidfeld came the closest to enjoying the winner’s champagne in Canada in 2007, where he finished just over four seconds behind Lewis Hamilton, who was then a rookie for McLaren and was winning his first F1 race. The race was additionally made noteworthy by a severe collision involving Robert Kubica of the BMW Sauber squad.

Most Races Without A Podium Finish!

Nico Hülkenberg, a German driver, had a very dismal rating. He has taken part in most competitions without finishing on the podium. Not only that, Nico has also accrued the most points without taking home the victory. Hülkenberg won the GP2 championship the year before on his first try, and with Williams, he transitioned to Formula 1 in 2010.

Although he unexpectedly won the pole in Brazil, Rubens Barichello was a better driver overall, and Williams did not rehire him for 2011. In 2012, Hülkenberg rejoined the field with Force India and came quite close to winning the season-ending race at Interlagos. In the challenging wet/dry conditions, the German held the lead for 30 laps until tussling for the lead with Lewis Hamilton and receiving a drive-through penalty.

Hülkenberg frequently scored for Force India and Renault over the remainder of his F1 career when positioned in the middle of the field. But not frequently making a run for the top spots. One last chance was lost at the soggy 2019 German Grand Prix, which took place on home soil. Running a solid fourth, he lost control of his car at the final bend, and it ended up on the shore.

Fastest Penalty

Formula One

Sebastian Vettel just needed six seconds to earn a spot on this list. In the Turkish Grand Prix’s inaugural practice session in 2006, Vettel made his debut as a test driver for BMW. As he made his way to the Formula One track, Vettel accelerated as he stepped out of the garage. The stewards naturally penalized Vettel for his infraction, but it had little effect on his performance. Naturally, given he has since gone on to become one of the most successful drivers in the sport.

Slowest F1 Driver- Al Pease

Formula One

Even if Nikita Mazepin became Formula One’s walking meme in 2021, he doesn’t hold the record for this particular feat. Al Pease, a Canadian, takes the title of F1’s slowest driver ever. Even though Pease was several circuits behind race leader Jacky Stewart, they engaged in short wheel-to-wheel combat during the 1969 Canadian Grand Prix. Pease was red-flagged and is still the only F1 driver to have had a race disqualified for driving too slowly!

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