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Fans Lose Hope On Lakers’ Playoffs Chance After LeBron James’ Recent Injury Update! Check Out The Reaction

The fresh updates on LeBron James’ foot injury are highly disappointing, and the fans wasted no time in writing the Lakers off for this season.

The Los Angeles Lakers strived hard to make a deep playoff run this season with their superstar duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis leading the way along with the newest additions. However, the team has been hit with a major setback as James has been sidelined with an injury, leaving fans and analysts questioning their chances of playoff qualification.


LeBron James sustained a foot injury during the game against Dallas Mavericks. However, despite hearing a pop in the ankle, James continued playing whilst in pain. The injury further escalated, and reports came in that the veteran would miss action for an extended period of time. With just 20 games in hand, how costly will LeBron’s injury prove to be for the Lakers this season?

Fans Disheartened After Latest Injury Update On LeBron James, Rules The Lakers Out

LeBron James

LeBron James, the crucial member of the Los Angeles Lakers, suffered a season-ending injury against the Mavericks. After dealing with a constant niggle on the left foot throughout the season, LeBron messed up his right ankle. Despite hearing a pop, the veteran decided to continue the play and ended up causing a whole lot of damage. Moreover, as per the latest update from the Lakers, the medical team has evaluated James’ injury and came to the conclusion that he is suffering from a right foot tendon injury.

Furthermore, the injury will be reevaluated in three weeks from now. These updates have crashed the Lakers fans’ hope of playoff qualification. The team had been dealing with injuries to Davis and other key players throughout the season, and James’ absence only compounds their problems. Meanwhile, the fans showed raw emotions and wrote off the Lakers from the playoff race. A few fans tweeted that it’s officially the end of the season for the Lakers this year, and let’s meet again in October. With LeBron gone, the qualification chances certainly took a huge hit. Still, the team can try to make it to the 6th seed, if not less.


LeBron Escapes Surgery, To Miss Out Three Weeks

The recent injury updates on LeBron James are indeed heartbreaking for the Lakers fans who hoped for a miraculous playoff qualification. However, the only silver lining in this entire fiasco is that James will not need surgery on his right foot. According to Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report, LeBron’s injury will heal without surgery. Moreover, he has been ruled out indefinitely by specialist doctors.

LeBron James
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Three weeks is a long time considering the season is in its final stretch. Moreover, the Lakers have mere 20 games from now to compete for the playoff spot. Out of these 20, LeBron will likely miss half of it in his recovery span of three weeks. On top of that, a return date for the 38-year-old is not guaranteed, as further evaluations would take place at the end of the three-week recovery period.