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Award Winning Doctor Decodes LeBron James’ Foot Injury, Claims The Veteran Spends $84K In Feet Care

An award-winning podiatrist, Marion Yau, recently decoded LeBron James’ latest foot injury and made some bold claims on the same.

LeBron James, the leading point scorer of NBA and the Lakers’ guiding force, is ailing under persistent injuries. The veteran missed a lot of time on the court this season due to a consistent niggle in the left ankle. However, after appropriate rest, James made a comeback in time for the Lakers, who are struggling to make it to the playoffs. But, James’ rendezvous did not last long as he picked up another injury.


During the game between Lakes and Dallas Mavericks, LeBron James twisted his right ankle and fell on the ground. Further, James yelled, he heard a pop in his ankle but resumed the game anyways. Shortly after, news came in that the fall had caused severe damage to LeBron’s right ankle, and he is likely going to miss several weeks of game time. Now, a specialist doctor has decoded the veteran’s injury and revealed the cause of LeBron’s constant injuries.

Award-Winning Doctor Explains The Causes Of LeBron James’ Injury

LeBron James

LeBron James, 38, is one of the fittest athletes out there at the moment. The veteran holds the capability to beat ant 20 year old on a given day with his athleticism and mindfulness. But how does LeBron manages to maintain his health at this age? An award-winning podiatrist, Marion Yau, has some answers. She said considering LeBron’s age, his feet require specialized care, including custom shoes, orthotics, and good podiatric care. Moreover, the veteran likely spends about $7,000 monthly on his foot which complies with $84,000 a year. Despite spending ridiculous amounts of money, James is prone to injury.

Marion Yau believes LeBron James has multiple deformities in his left foot, which includes overlapping toes. That causes unwanted pressure on the dead skin. That is why his ankle injury in the left foot has been nagging him throughout the season. However, the doctors feel the recent injury on the right foot could have been avoided had James’ missed out the rest of the game. She says if you hear a pop in the joints, it requires immediate treatment, and any additional pressure is going to make matters worse.

LeBron Cheers For The Lakers From Home, Send Out A Message After A Thumping Win

LeBron James
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The Los Angeles Lakers secure a thumping win over the Oklahoma City Thunder by 123-117. The Lakers stepped on the court without their key attackers, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and D’Angelo Russell. While James and Russell sat out due to persistent ankle injuries, Davis’ absence was mostly precautionary. Nonetheless, the young guns delivered a perfect win, and their leader, LeBron, is excited.

After the game, LeBron James posted a Tweet on his personal Twitter handle and sent out a three-word message for the Lakers, “Great Win, Fellas!!” James’ encouraging words come at a time when the Lakers are standing on the verge of playoff elimination. They have 20 games left this season to avoid that heartbreak. Moreover, without the key players, the road to glory just got tougher.