Anthony Davis & LeBron James

Priyanshu Raidas


Fans Going Crazy Over Anthony Davis’ Crazy Dominance Over The Rockets! Lakers Closing In Playoffs

The Los Angeles Lakers have created dominance in league with their duo superpower, LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The season which started as crumbling on all fours has now shifted to a sprint. And it looks like the Lakers will only become more invincible in the upcoming weeks. As of now, the winners of the last five games out of six have confirmed the 7th position on the table. But there is no stopping them as they can ascend to a much higher position if they wish to. These wins might also have added a little attitude to the tone of the two superstars.

Anthony Davis and LeBron James are known for their big mouth as they are at the top of the NBA. But more often than not, the Lakers are seen slipping after making good improvements in the past. It is a very well-recognized pattern that the team has formed in the last two years. After winning the sixth game in a row, Davis said that they cited greediness in the team to win more. And James agreed with the statement saying it is important to be greedy to make progress in the cutting edge competition.

Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers) Jordan Johnson/NBAE via Getty Images

Their hungriness makes sense, as they will now face the top teams of the league in the upcoming fixtures. However, Anthony has gone beyond the league competition and has displayed his thoughts of winning the tournament altogether. With the two superstars healthy and on top of their game can very well accomplish what they did two years ago.

Anthony Davis On A Roll With Back To Back Massive Performance

The Brow is raising everyone’s eyebrows with his spectacular and unbelievable performances. The 29-year-old is nothing less than a beast when he is fully healthy on the court. It is all thanks to his ridiculous efforts that the Lakers have won their last three games consecutively. And to top the cherry on the cake, he made 38 points in each of the last three games of the league. Last night Davis combined with LeBron to almost produce a double-double for himself with 40 points, nine rebounds, and two blocks.

Moreover, King James also made a triple-double with 19 points, 11 assists, and ten rebounds. Claiming that last night’s win against the Houston Rockets has improved their record to 40-38. With such improvement, the team now has the chance to gain on the sixth seed if the LA clippers make a slip in their next game.

Anthony Davis & LeBron James (ESPN)

This progress of the team excited the Lakers fans to compare Davis to all the MVP candidates in the league. A tweet on Twitter said, “Embiid who? Giannis who? Jokic who? AD is the best Center”. It seems like the fans have restored their faith in the team, looking at their last recent performance. The Lakers have definitely redeemed themselves of the iconic bad start to their season in the beginning.