LeBron James
LeBron James (Lakers) (Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images)

LeBron James scared the hell out of Los Angeles Lakers fans when he got injured in the game against the Mavericks last month. It was scary since it was getting nearer to the end of the season. At the time, there were a lot of speculations that the all-time leading scorer may not play again for the rest of the season. He was kind of a last resort to the fans since Anthony Davis was out with an injury. Even a lot of new February recruits were also unavailable with injuries. It has been just that kind of a season for the Lakers.

Hence, it was vital that LeBron James stayed fit and fine to take the team to the postseason. But after his injury, it was like a hopeless situation for the Lakers fans until Anthony Davis, D’Angelo Russell, Austin Reaves, and the rest rescued the team in the King’s absence. When LeBron James returned to the lineup against the Bulls, it seemed a bit sudden and unexpected. But recently, James pointed out an issue from the team’s side which is restricting his game. But what is that? Keep reading to find out.


What Does LeBron James Have To Say About Minutes Restriction?

LeBron James
OKC Thunder vs. LA Lakers: LeBron James

Recently, when James was asked about the minutes’ restriction, he gave an unexpected response. LeBron James stated, “for the last decade, the coaches I have played under have put me on a minutes restriction.” He also knows that he can stop worrying about the minutes’ restriction when he gets his speed back. King James believe that after the road trip, he must gradually regain his original speed. According to him, it will be challenging to get back his physical prowess while constantly on the road. It isn’t easy when the body does not get enough rest.

At 38, the body anyway does not generally help the athletes as much as it did in their youth. Injuries are part and parcel of aging athletes. That’s the major concern for LeBron James and the team. Seemingly, to help the team in the postseason, the King needs to stay as fit as possible. Stating the same, LeBron James mentioned, “physically, I’m feeling pretty good. The minor issues with the speed will be solved in the next four or five games.”

Anthony Davis Leading The Way For The Lakers

Anthony Davis LeBron James Lakers
Anthony Davis LeBron James Lakers via Los Angeles Times) Source: Los Angeles Times

The credit for the Lakers’ success goes to Anthony Davis, who is leading the team in a way that the play-in tournament now looks like a guaranteed next phase for the Lakers. These performances without James must have motivated him enough to return faster. Since the comeback, it has not been very easy for LeBron James to get back to his original form. He is still playing the supporting role after his return. AD is still the man scoring the most points for the team.

LeBron James is not 100% healthy. He may have to undergo surgery in the offseason. But the King is still hanging in to help the team in every way he can. Anyway, the Lakers are on a roll, as they are currently the 7th seed after beating the Timberwolves 123-111 in Minnesota. After a long time in the season, the Lakers have a better record than .500. The Lakers are now fighting for the sixth seed, currently under the possession of the Warriors. Only five games to go as the Lakers will hope to avoid the play-in and qualify for the playoffs directly.