Lewis Hamilton

Uzma Fatima

F1 Youtuber Exposing Lewis Hamilton! Mercedes Driver Gaining Haters After Big “Lying” Revelation

Lewis Hamilton, the Mercedes star, has more than 30 million followers. But don’t forget that all of your followers are not your fans! Some follow just to check what you do! You get praisings for what great you do, and so you do get criticized too for what wrong you do. You got lovers and haters too! Hamilton, the seven-time Formula One world champion, is unluckily not the man of zero-haters. Controversies remained surrounding him in his journey from zero to the seven world or eight world titles. Recently, once again, he got a hater who, via YouTube, called him a “Liar.”

A Formula One YouTuber did a proper analysis and exposed the Silver Arrows star claiming him to be a deceiver who fakes troubles to get sympathy from fans. Lewis Hamilton is the one and only black driver of Formula One. In terms of racism, like in every particular field of work, black people struggled to get treated equally. Also, in Formula One, they gotta do it.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton belonging to a black family that was also not economically good, must have faced difficulties in the motorsports world surrounded by all white people. There was a time when racism was at its peak, and by explaining the struggles of him being the only black driver among some racist men, Hamilton often gained world attention.

Except for racism, Lewis Hamilton is not any less in achievements. Becoming a driver with seven crowns takes courage and struggles on its own. He is the best; we all say it because he is. But this is not what the YouTuber explains. Through his youtube channel, the guy tried to explain the fake stories of the Mercedes star, which he used to make fans.

“What Lewis Hamilton Actually Means When He Says That The Car Is Getting Worse?”

First of all, the Youtuber said the exact same words as Hamilton, “This car is so bad. Nothing that we do seems to work. It is getting worse. This car is just undrivable.” He tried to call all of this a drama. Hamilton’s remarks on the radio got trolled badly by him. Whatever the Mercedes driver says on the radio while driving sounds really true; fans get upset with the car developers that stopped Hamilton from winning, but the reality is different. According to the YouTuber the fact that Hamilton claimed the W13 was getting worse. But then, how come he got the third position in the standings with the worst car?

When Hamilton says that his car is getting worse, he means, “Lewis Hamilton back on the podium on third” [playing the sound of the commentators of the F1 race.] In the end, the Youtuber gave a big, bold statement about the seven-time world champion. He said, “every breath Hamilton takes is a lie.” Now it is up to the fans if they want to make it controversial; they can; if they wanna agree, they can. If they wanna fight, they can.