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Juan Soto has unsurprisingly exceeded all expectations this season for the New York Yankees after being initially traded off the San Diego Padres in a risky one-year deal. However, with future certainty up in the air, the fans and Soto are also focused on enjoying the present and maximizing the 2024 MLB season.

That being said, fans have been batting for Juan Soto’s extension ever since the start of the season, saying that the front office must offer a blank cheque to the generational star. However, WFAN radio host Keith McPherson does not believe that’s any longer necessary, as he pointed out a leverage Brian Cashman can use in extension talks.


Keith McPherson Calls For Exploitation Of Juan Soto’s Love For Yankees!

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A 25-year-old generational star, Juan Soto is currently the star in the Bronx as his heroics in pinstripes have left the New York Yankees fans mesmerized. The slugger is hitting .325 with 8 home runs and 25 RBIs in 117 at-bats. His consistency has been the biggest factor contributing to his explosion on the plate. However, Soto’s stay in the Bronx is timed as he’s going to hit free agency in 2025. And given his heroics in pinstripes, the fans want his extension at any cost. Moreover, with Soto’s market value predicted at $500 million, the Yankees nation wants the front office to offer a blank cheque to Soto. However, WFAN radio host Keith McPherson shared a different perspective on the matter.

He said the New York Yankees no longer needs to offer a blank cheque to Juan Soto as the front office can exploit leverage. Keith explained that Soto loves playing in pinstripes in the Bronx, and the love he receives from Dominicans in the Bronx is hard to match by any team in the league. “It’s home. He skips out there to right field. He doesn’t want to go anywhere,” said Soto. Hence, the radio host urged Yankees general manager Brian Cashman to use this as leverage and convince the generational star to settle for less and extend his stay in NYY. Indeed, Soto also admitted that earlier, he felt at home in New York and that the Yankees teammates were like his family. However, it remains to be seen if the Yanks can actually use it as leverage in the next off-season.

Yankees Pitcher Thinks Of Juan Soto As Once In A Generation Player

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Juan Soto’s greatness is hidden to none. And recently, his New York Yankees teammate Marcus Stroman, who calls himself the biggest fan of Soto, doubled down on the slugger’s legacy. He referred to Juan Soto as once a generational player, as the latter’s achievements at just 25 years of age are unfathomable.

“I truly believe he’ll go down as one of the best hitters of all time,” said Marcus Stroman. Juan Soto and Stroman were rivals until this off-season. And the starting pitcher is glad that he no longer has to face the monster on the plate. Indeed, Soto will leave a great legacy in the game as and when he matures.

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