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Juan Soto is currently having the time of his life as a Yankee. He made his pinstripes debut last week in the midst of an electric atmosphere at the Yankee Stadium filled with cheers and support from the Yankees fans. Meanwhile, Soto entertained the fans with his first home run on Monday.

After a solar eclipse delayed the New York Yankees series opener against the Miami Marlins, Juan Soto made the wait count by smoking a three-run home run, thus marking his first in the Bronx. The surreal reception left Soto stunned as he talked about the fans’ love and shared insights into the clubhouse’s atmosphere after a strong start.


Juan Soto Feels At Home With Yankees Teammates In Bronx!

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New York Yankees delayed their practice on Monday to witness a total solar eclipse hovering over the United States, which also caused a delay to the start of the Miami Marlins game. Regardless, the Yankee fans went home with beautiful memories as fan favorite Juan Soto smoked his first home run at the Yankee Stadium. Soto crunched a three-run moonshot in the bottom of the fourth innings over the right field porch to guide his team to a 6-0 lead. The fans, meanwhile, embraced the glorious moment by celebrating the shot with cheers and chants. An overwhelmed Soto soaked the applause from the crowd before sharing high-fives with his teammates the pen.

Needless to say, Juan Soto made a memory of a lifetime and shared his feelings post-game. Juan Soto first addressed the clubhouse atmosphere after nine victories and revealed how he feels at home. Soto added that despite being early into the season, the roster feels like a family to him. Everybody is sticking around, has the same goal, and wants to put their best foot forward. Furthermore, the generational star also expressed disbelief in the crowd’s over-the-top support. He admitted being surprised with the reception of his first Yankee Stadium home run. “They’re giving you a lot of love, so you’ve got to give them some love back,” Soto said. That being said, this is just the start for the New York Yankees as well as Juan Soto. The season is still six months long, and Soto is expected to receive the same way throughout the season.

Soto Thrills Fans By Signing Autographs Mid-At-Bat!

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Juan Soto escaped a huge scare on Monday against the Miami Marlins. Stationed at right field, Soto heard loud cheers from fans and turned around to sign a few autographs, thinking he had enough time before Nestor Cortes took his first pitch. However, the outfielder miscalculated the start time and messed up badly.

By the time Juan Soto turned around after signing a ball, he saw Nestor Cortes moving on the mound, almost ready to throw. Soto immediately decided to abort his fan interaction session and returned to business at right field. However, the iconic moment was caught on camera and has been widely popular amongst Yankee fans who are moved by Soto’s gestures.

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