Juan Soto, Yankees
Juan Soto flip his bat after belting a solo homer in the sixth inning of the Yankees’ loss. AP

25-year-old generational star Juan Soto has been the New York Yankees find of the 2024 MLB season. Being traded from the San Diego Padres earlier this off-season, Soto has been the only consistent offensive force for the team this year. In 30 games, he’s hitting .316 with 7 home runs and 24 RBIs.

In the most recent heroics, Juan Soto slammed a 447-foot solo home run against Baltimore Orioles pitcher Dean Kremer in during Tuesday’s game. However, things got heated in the middle as Soto started into Kremer’s soul with an ice-cold savage gaze. After the video went viral, the slugger revealed why he got fired up against the pitcher.


Juan Soto Gives Ice-Cold Look To Dean Kremer After Towering Solo Shot!

Juan Soto Yankees

The New York Yankees faced their toughest AL-East opponent of the season, the Baltimore Orioles, in a four-game series on Monday. After dumping the series opener, the Yanks fought back on Tuesday with generational star Juan Soto leading the way. With the Yanks trailing 1-4, Soto smoked a 447-foot solo home run against Dean Kremer’s belt-high sinker in the top of the sixth innings to add a crucial run to the team’s tally in the challenging matchup. However, what unfolded after left the fans surprised. Yankee fans got to see rare aggression from Soto as he stared down at Kremer shortly after hitting the 447-foot bomb. Not only that but after the initial stare, Soto also stared down multiple times at the pitcher while rounding bases.

The tense moment was caught on camera and quickly went viral on social media. The ice-cold gaze is not something Juan Soto does regularly. Hence, many presumed that something must have tipped him off, and it turns out Dean Kremer’s complaint about Soto’s iconic scuffle irked the slugger. He revealed after the game that Kremer didn’t like his shuffle. But nevertheless, he’s sure the pitcher must have hated his home run even more. “He didn’t like the shuffle. I bet he didn’t like the homer, too,” said Soto. Needless to say, as long as tense face-offs bring out the best in Soto, the Yankees, as well as the fans, won’t mind harmless aggression. However, Soto’s efforts were washed down the drain by his teammates as the Orioles had the last laugh in a 4-2 victory. With the series on the line, the Yanks will take on the Orioles on Wednesday.

Soto Downplays Yankees Offensive Struggle After Second Straight Loss To Orioles!

Juan Soto, Yankees

The New York Yankees’ offense struggled heavily for the second straight day as they went down 4-2 against the Baltimore Orioles after initially going scoreless in the series opener. However, Juan Soto, one of the only scorers of Tuesday’s game, downplayed the concerns, saying the slumps were just part of the game.

“We gave good at-bats, we’re hitting the ball hard, and they just haven’t landed for us,” said Soto. The generational star also added that the Yankees have been grinding hard behind the scenes. It’s just that the opposition is also making excellent plays, which is making things harder for the hitters.

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