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Judge circles the bases after a home run against the Dodgers. Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire/AP

The New York Yankees’ spectacular 30-run series win against the Milwaukee Brewers was overshadowed by an unwanted controversy surrounding captain Aaron Judge. Judge, who broke out of his early season slump with two consecutive homer games, was accused of foul play by the opposition.

It all started when the Brewers’ double play throw got deflected through Aaron Judge’s oven mitts hand, and the umpires called it unintentional, only to later deem it a missed call. Given the controversy, Yankees skipper Aaron Boone sided with his captain and said that umpires need to bring more clarity and his players won’t bring in any changes.


Aaron Boone Calls Out Lack Of Clarity In Officiating After Aaron Judge’s Obstruction Controversy!

Aaron Judge, Yankees

On Sunday, Aaron Judge was accused of intentionally obstructing a double play attempt by Brewers manager Par Murphy. Judge made a slide on second base off Alex Verdugo’s line hit. While he was caught out, the second baseman’s double play attempt at first base to get Verdugo was foiled as the ball hit Judge’s hand, which was up in the air during his slide. The Brewers review appeal was rejected, but it left a trail of question marks on Judge’s integrity. Notably, the Yankee captain was wearing a large size over mitts, which caused deflection. The Bombers manager, Aaron Boone, explained that the mitts were to protect Judge from injuries, and despite the controversy, Judge won’t stop wearing it and put his health in jeopardy.

Furthermore, Aaron Boone revealed that while the plate umpire went on record to say that they missed the call, he heard from another league umpire that he didn’t see anything illegal in Judge’s slide. Hence, the lack of clarity is what caused the confusion and controversy in the first place, and the Yankee skipper wants that to change. In his eyes, Aaron Judge has always been a man of honor, and he totally respects and backs the captain. That being said, Judge countered the Brewers manager’s allegation, saying that he’s been sliding the same ways for years, and he does not see any problem with him. From his side, Judge did nothing wrong. In fact, the captain claims that he was just trying to avoid getting hit, and since he is 6-foot-7 inches long, his hand always tends to go a lot up in the air while sliding.

Amid Controversy, Judge Records Best Series Of The Season!

Yankees, Aaron Judge, Juan Soto
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The obstruction controversy overshadowed Aaron Judge’s best offensive performance of the season. In the three-game series against Milwaukee Brewers, Judge went 5-for-6, including 2 home runs and 3 RBIs. It was the first time this season that Judge slammed two home runs in consecutive games. 

It served as a major sign of encouragement for Aaron Judge, the captain who has been in abysmal form since the start of the season. He isn’t hitting like he used to and is missing pitches that he usually hits for long shots. Regardless, a breakout seems on the cards for Aaron Judge as his team rushes towards a great record before the All-Star break.

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