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On Thursday this week, reports of aero wizard Adrian Newey’s exit from Red Bull Racing sparked a huge roar amongst the motorsport fraternity. Newey, irked by the internal power turmoil that erupted after team principal Christian Horner’s sexual misconduct case, wants to leave as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, after rumors of Adrian Newey’s exit surfaced over the internet, another set of speculations suggested that after serving two decades in Red Bull, the reputed engineer could either move to Ferrari or Aston Martin. However, fresh details of Newey’s complex contract could play a spoilsport for the potential suitors.


Adrian Newey Reportedly Tied To Red Bull Until 2026!

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Rumors surrounding Adrian Newey’s potential exit from Red Bull following an internal power crisis were confirmed this week by reputed sources. Apparently, Newey has gone distant from the team as well as its senior officials, including team principal Christian Horner, and wants to no longer be associated with the racing outfit. Subsequently, the successful design engineer was linked to Ferrari as well as Aston Martin. Ferrari’s interest in Newey is not new, as they have been trying to poach the 68-year-old for a while now. Moreover, after a decisive partnership with Honda, Aston Martin owner Lawrence Stroll is also interested in luring Newey with a big fat paycheck. However, despite the rumors of Newey’s exit gaining momentum, it still could be years before Newey can actually make a move. recently reported that Adrian Newey’s existing contract with Red Bull is much more complex, with multiple tying clauses. Apparently, Newey cannot independently seek an exit from his contract that runs through the end of the 2025 season. Not only that, if at all Newey chooses not to renew his deal in 2025, he would still have to serve a year-long gardening leave before making a move elsewhere. That means Adrian Newey cannot exit immediately and that Ferrari and Aston Martin would have to wait until 2027 to stand a chance at poaching Newey. Additionally, some reports also claim that the engineer has yet to inform the Bulls or its senior management about his wishes to leave. But at the same time, many seniors on the paddock already know about Newey’s bitter feelings towards his current team. A lot of things will be cleared at the Miami GP which isn’t happening until May 6.

Christian Horner’s Leadership In Threat As RB Fears Mass Exodus

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Adrian Newey’s exit rumors have triggered speculations of mass exodus from Red Bull as Max Verstappen is now reportedly planning to talk to Toto Wolff for a potential move for Mercedes following the Miami GP. Amid the huge turmoil, ex-Ferrari engineer Ernest Knoors raised doubt on Christian Horner’s leadership abillity.

He feels Red Bull is at risk of mass exodus, and he doubts if Christian Horner, who is primarily responsible for the turmoil, will be able to curb it. “Is Christian Horner currently the undisputed and impeccable leader who can provide that? That may well be questionable,” Ernest Knoors told RacingNews 365.

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