Aaron Judge (Yankees)
After his 0-for-4 night on Wednesday, Judge is now hitting .178 to begin the regular season .AP

The New York Yankees started hot this 2024 MLB season largely due to a collective effort from the hitters and pitchers. With 10-3, the team recorded its best start in the past four decades of history. However, even in this phase of euphoria, the club’s worries surrounding captain Aaron Judge persist.

Contrary to the expectations, the Yankees captain Aaron Judge hasn’t had a flying start to the year. Besides a home run, Judge’s average has fallen to .178 in 13 games. While it’s too early into the season to draw definite extreme conclusions, WFAN radio hosts fear underlying injury concerns as the root cause of Judge’s new dull version.


Is Aaron Judge Managing Any Injury Concern?

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge sat out the spring training games on March 11, 2024. AP

As the New York Yankees celebrate their best start to the season, captain Aaron Judge’s underwhelming start is being pushed under the rug. In 13 games, the captain managed to connect only a single home run and six RBIs, with his batting average falling to record .178 low. Of course, with a whole season still pending, the captain has enough room to bounce back. However, the unnatural start has got WFAN radio host Sal Licata concerned about the biggest picture. In his latest show, Licata mentioned that with Aaron Judge, the concern is not about his offensive production at all. The guy’s beast and can destroy any acclaimed pitcher on a given day. However, the former AL-MVP’s recent injury past suggests the situation is far more complex. “He stayed healthy, and he hasn’t been producing. That is concerning,” said Licata.

The radio host further raised concerns about Aaron Judge’s health status. As the captain mentioned pre-season, he’s going to need to nurse his toe injury for the rest of his career. Hence, Sal Licata is confused about whether the slugger is indeed managing issues with his toe or perhaps oblique, given how he battled an ab injury during spring. Overall, Licata is worried that the dull version of Aaron Judge will perhaps be a new reality. With a sturdy physique, the captain has always been prone to injuries. And these past couple of years have been brutal on him. Therefore, it’s highly plausible that Judge might be restricting himself on the field or perhaps saving his energy for the rest of the year. Whatever it is, it’s imperative for Judge to recover from this slump for Yankees championship dreams’ sake.

Fans Mock Judge For Robbing Yankees Late Surge Chance Vs. Marlins!

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge (99) reacts after he strikes out in a Yankees-Rays game on July 31, 2023. Robert Sabo for NY Post

The New York Yankees lost series finale to the Miami Marlins on Wednesday after captain Aaron Judge failed to clutch. Despite Marcus Stroman’s blowout start, Judge had a last chance to save the team. In the bottom of the ninth inning, the captain had all the bases loaded, and all he had to do was connect a hit.

However, Aaron Judge messed up by popping out a flyout to retire the team, thus leading to fans’ frustration. While the slugger is a fan favorite, he hasn’t fired upto expectations this year. The fans have begun to run out of patience, and their anger on social media is a clear reflection of this.

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