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With a renewed purpose and refreshed energy, the New York Yankees entered the 2024 season hoping for redemption after an 82-80 record season in 2023. The Yank’s confidence stemmed from the roster reinforcement enforced during the off-season, including Juan Soto and Alex Verdugo.

Amid the intense hype around Juan Soto, Alex Verdugo has been silently making his way to the top. In the recent series win against the Miami Marlins, the left fielder led the charge with a solo shot to bring up the first runs on the board for the Yankees. However, it was the unique ‘barking’ celebrations that caught the fan’s eyes.


Alex Verdugo Got Yankees To ‘Bark’ With Unique’ Dawgs’ Mentality!

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Alex Verdugo has injected new life into the New York Yankees clubhouse with his extroverted enthusiasm and chill vibes this year. After the Yanks’ first series win against Houston Astros, he labeled his teammates a bunch of ‘dawgs’ trying to dominate the league with exemplary performance. Meanwhile, the Yankee mates took Verdugo’s label seriously and greeted the slugger with barking celebrations after his home run against the Marlins. Verdugo slammed a solo shot in the bottom of the second inning on Tuesday, and as he moved to the dugout, his teammates started barking loudly to celebrate his home run. Meanwhile, a happy Verdugo also joined them in barking before the crowd decided to join the party as well. “To see everybody kind of running with it has been a lot of fun. Who doesn’t like to bark, right?” said Verdugo.

Alex Verdugo further explained how the unique tradition picks up pace inside the dugout. Apparently, the team starts with soft barks initially, and then when the runs pile up on the board, the barks get deeper and louder. The louder the barks, the more it indicates the Yankees’ dominance in the game. “So every day, it’s a little dog, and if you do something, it’s a big dog,” added Verdugo. Overall, the outfielder seemed extremely happy to contribute to the team’s winning cause. Since his acquisition, doubts over his effectiveness have crippled, especially after the kind of rough season he had in 2023 with the Red Sox. However, the outfielder lived up to his pre-season word when he promised to bring smiles to fans’ faces with his performances. With that, the Bronx Bombers recorded their best start to the season in the past four decades (10-2).

Fans Jubilant After NYY’s Fourth Straight Series Victory!

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The New York Yankees have been nearly invincible this year. After sweeping the Houston Astros in the season-opening series, the Yanks went on to win the following three series, inducing two at home to script an undefeated record. Not only that, with the latest win over the Miami Marlins, the Bombers set up a unique franchise record.

The New York Yankees have achieved a 10-2 start to the season for only the fourth time in the past four decades of history. In the previous three times, the team went on to play the World Series. Needless to say, the record has got the fans excited and jubilant at the same time.

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