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Red Bull Racing has been at risk of explosion ever since team principal Christian Horner got himself embroiled in a sexual misconduct case filed by a female employee. The team got divided into two halves, thus triggering an internal power struggle. And now, RB is at a risk of mass exodus.

Last week, Adrian Newey’s exit rumors were confirmed by reputed sources on the internet. Apparently, Newey grew distant from the team after Horner incident and thus chose to pull the plug. However, with speculations heating up, former F1 driver Ivan Capelli who previously worked with Newey, suggested possibilities of mass exodus.


Ivan Capelli Claims Adrian Newey Will Exit Red Bull With His Loyalists!

Red Bull

Adrian Newey, one of the most reputed and successful F1 technical engineers, is likely to leave Red Bull after two decades of successful association. Newey, largely responsible for RB’s success, is reportedly seeking an exit by the end of the year after a feud with team principal Christian Horner over an internal political crisis. However, his contract terms are much more complex and may keep him from exiting the team imminently. Regardless, Newey’s exit is undoubtedly inevitable, which could prove to be a big risk for a drink-based outfit considering the trial of destruction Newey will leave out. Ivan Capelli, former F1 driver who was also one of the first drivers to work with Adrian Newey, fears mass exodus from Red Bull if Newey were to actually leave.

While talking to Italy’s Gazzetta dello Sport, Ivan Capelli claimed that a prominent figure like Adrian Newey will take his loyalists within Red Bull with him at the time of potential departure. Apparently, Ivan feels that, as a 65-year-old, it’s tough for the chief technical engineer to build from the ground with an unfamiliar team. “An engineer of that caliber takes his loyalists with him since, in a new structure, he will have to be immediately operational and active,” explained Ivan. The ex-driver also stated that Red Bull’s crisis is far from over, and the coverup PR strategy has badly backfired. Not only that, he admired Newey’s success in motorsports and stated that having a top-notch engineer with 40 years of experience is always a luxury for any team whatsoever. It would be interesting to see how Newey’s future shapes up in the coming weeks.

Mercedes Likely To Make Big Offer To Adrian Newey!

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Reddit is back with yet another bombshell update. The media house claims that Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff is all set to sit down with Adrian Newey after the Miami GP to table a lucrative offer. Notably, Mercedes were also rumored to have plans to talk to Max Verstappen‘s camp with a mega $160 million deal.

Besides Mercedes, Ferrari and Aston Martin are reportedly ready to offer $100 million to Adrian Newey. Since Newey has never worked out of the United Kingdom, it would take major financial considerations to lure Newey into making a move to Italy. All this information still remains unverified, as neither Newey nor Red Bull has issued an official statement.

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