It is not a secret anymore that things are not functioning smoothly between Christiano Ronaldo and the management of his home team Manchester United. There have been several reports of a rift between Ronaldo and Boss Erik ten Hag. But according to an inside source, it looks like things might have escalated further.

Did Erik Just Axed Ronaldo?

As the source revealed, Boss Erik ten Hag gathered the players last Thursday. He urged them to voice any complaints they had without the fear of punishment. Although Ronaldo remained silent, other players spoke up as the boss scolded his underachievers. According to reports, Ten Hag ruthlessly dismissed Harry Maguire, the club captain, and Ronaldo in front of the team before the Liverpool game. Ten Hag informed the pair that they will not start the game against the Reds due to poor form. Even the team’s other players received a warning to either listen to the Dutchman and do what he instructed or discover a means to leave the team before the transfer window closes.

It has come out that Manchester United manager has ‘ruthlessly’ fired Ronaldo after growing frustrated with the star. Last week, when the Portuguese superstar said he would soon give a candid interview, ten Hag became especially enraged. Erik ten Hag also didn’t clench his mouth during the animated team meeting. During the two-hour meeting, he reportedly said some unflattering things about Cristiano Ronaldo. The reason being he is “sick” of the wantaway forward’s actions.

Ronaldo’s Attitude Concerning Manchester United Teammates

According to Ten Hag and a few other players, Ronaldo’s attitude has become a problem for the players of Manchester United. Some of the Portuguese player’s teammates had voiced concerns about the atmosphere in the locker room as a result of Ronaldo’s predicament in the squad.

There is no doubt that since July, reports about the player’s intent to leave Manchester United have been making headlines. But manager Erik Ten Hag is ultimately tired of Ronaldo. The Dutchman assured the players that the United board fully supports him in doing things his way. The manager said that anyone is allowed to leave the club if they don’t like or don’t want to play for him.

Earlier this week, it was also mentioned that Eric ten Hag the day off as planned after the embarrassing loss. And he ordered the United players to complete a punishing 8.5-mile run in 33-degree heat. The future will reveal whether or not his severe methods have any effect on the team’s performance.

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