Draymond Green Reveals Facing LeBron James Was More Challenging Than Playing Against The Celtics Stars In The NBA Finals!

Draymond Green & LeBron james

The Golden State Warriors are on their way to winning their sixth NBA championship. They lead the NBA finals series by 3-2 against the Boston Celtics with two more games to play. However, the Celtics have put up a brilliant fight to keep the Warriors in check with their tough defense and aggressive shooting options. The Cs started the series with a win. But Golden State finally clinched the lead with a win in Game 4. The Warriors will face the Celtics at their home on Thursday as they look to secure the 2021-2022 championship and avoid letting the series enter the Game 7 decider.

Thus, despite immense pressure from the Celtics, Draymond Green has claimed that facing Boston is nothing compared to battling against the brains of LeBron James. Green revealed that James\’ on-court brilliance makes him a completely different opponent, and that is what separated the King and his former Cavs squad different from the current Celtics team. The three-time NBA champ shared that playing against LeBron James does not compare to playing against the Cs. Green claimed that James is arguably the smartest guy to set foot on the basketball court. He added, \”To say that it compares to that, it\’s disrespectful to LeBron and it\’s all a lie to you.\”

LeBron & Draymond

Further, Draymond said that playing against the Cs was not as much of a chess match as playing against LeBron James. The 32-year-old added that James dissects every play in his computer (brain) in real time, a skill not many players have. Green admired the King\’s ability to find a random stretch from seven to four minutes during the second quarter without missing a beat. He added, \”He gives you every play like to the T. There\’s not many people that can do that.\”

Draymond Means No Disrespects To The Boston Celtics

Green also made it clear that there was no comparison between James and the Celtics players. The four-time NBA All-Star said that playing against Boston is a mental challenge as their players are super athletes with age, speed, and strength on their side. Green explained the only way to win over such talented athletes is by out-thinking them. 


Draymond felt that the final series had been huge from a mental standpoint. And the Warriors had tried to stay a step ahead of their opponents. He also commended Marcus Smart

, who Green thinks is the brains of the Boston Celtics team. The 2017 Defensive Player of the year has a tremendous amount of respect for Marcus Smart and his basketball IQ. However, Green hoped to seal the deal during Game 6 on Sunday and win the seventh championship title for the Warriors.

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