Draymond Green Feels Watching LeBron James & DeMar DeRozan Playing At The Drew League Would Have been Incredible For Young Fans!

LeBron James Lakers

LeBron James made an appearance at the Drew League this summer for the first time since 2011. The LA Lakers superstar teamed up with Chicago\’s DeMar DeRozan at the MMV Cheater team for the game against Black Pearl. James scored 42 points, 16 rebounds, and four steals, while DeMar clinched 230 points with 14 rebounds, leading the Cheaters to a 104-102 win.

DeMar was supposed to join the Lakers last season, but the franchise went for Westbrook instead. Golden Warriors\’ Draymond Green also featured in the league and expressed how incredible it would have been for the young, less privileged fans to watch LeBron James and DeMar play and have a chance to interact with them. Moreover, DeMar also shared his experience of playing alongside James in the Drew League. 

Fans are undoubtedly the most important aspect of any sport. However, most fans do not have the opportunity to come and watch their favorite players perform in front of them during an NBA game. Thus, the Drew League provided an opportunity for the fans and the basketball fraternity to interact with the players. Draymond, who was not a local in the tournament, suggested that the league gave an opportunity to kids who would never have watched LeBron James play. Green told that he could understand that by the fans\’ reaction and the chance the city had to touch LeBron.

James & DeMar

The Golden State player stated that NBA players were surreal to him while growing up. They were not real people to Green as he always saw the players on TV. He felt incredible and wanted to be an NBA player one day but had n idea how to get there. The 32-year-old added, \”What I saw from those kids was, they got to touch you. They got to touch LeBron James.\”

DeMar Talks About The Drew League Atmosphere In Compton

DeRozan said nothing could beat the sight of the kids being able to see LeBron James play in Compton. The five-time NBA All-Star shared that the atmosphere at his home turf was one of a kind and special. DeMar gave all the credit to LeBron and felt honored to be a part of the event. He acknowledged the fact that a GOAT like James, who is heading into his 20th season, decided to come to Compton and put on an incredible show for the crowd. The 32-year-old added, \”What we grew up watching. It is an amazing feeling. I had a great time just being out there, playing with him, obviously.\”

Further, the Bulls guard mentioned that there were several moments when he turned around and saw the smile and excitement on the kids\’ faces. It was something that they would remember forever, and DeMar felt that is what it was all about.

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