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“Don’t Be Jordan” Gilbert Arenas Advises LeBron James Not To Make The Same Mistake As MJ

LeBron James and Michael Jordan are two of the biggest names in the National Basketball Association circuit. Very few players in the history of the game can match up to the impact of these two players. They have taken the game of basketball beyond its possible horizon. There are NBA fans all over the world who know mainly these two names. On top of that, they are the wealthiest basketball players as well.

A few months back, LeBron James broke the four-decade-old record of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and became NBA’s all-time leading scorer. That’s when the GOAT debate intensified even more. However, James is on the verge of making a drastic decision to retire after facing a humiliating elimination this year. He often mentioned that winning championships is the biggest motivation. And at the age of 38, he came so close to winning his 5th championship ring. However, it remained too far as Denver Nuggets destroyed the King’s dream. Amid this situation of retirement, former NBA player Gilbert Arenas has warnr James not to follow MJ’s path about retiring too soon.


Gilbert Arenas Warns LeBron Before He Follows MJ

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Even though LeBron James’ initial plan was to wait for his son Bronny to possibly get into the NBA next year and play alongside or against him. But this humiliating defeat in the WCF may have changed his plans. However, the former Washington Wizards point guard Gilbert Arenas has advised James not to go on the same path as Michael Jordan. Arenas was speaking with his crew on his podcast Gil’s Arena about LeBron James. The topic was if James is still among the top 5 players in NBA at 38. As usual, everybody agreed on the podcast. But Gilbert Arenas showed his concern over King’s cryptic message about retirement thoughts.

Arenas feel that James should continue balling as long as his body allows him to. If he retires now, then he will give a chance to other players in the present and future to break his all-time scoring record. It will be challenging but not impossible since modern-day offensive techniques are evolving and getting stronger. Gilbert Arenas felt Jordan retired too soon, thinking nobody could ever touch his record. But then Kobe Bryant and LeBron James surpassed him. Moreover, Arenas believe it was MJ’s fault to retire so soon. But he warns the King not to make the same mistake. King James has proved that he is still fast and physically capable of continuing for a longer time. Gilbert Arenas feels he should utilize that energy to build an almost untouchable scoring record. Only time will answer the question if King James retires in the offseason or wait a little longer.

Michael Jordan Or LeBron James – Who’s The GOAT?

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LeBron James Michael Jordan Source: Sporting News

Michael Jordan became a billionaire after he retired from the game as a professional player. His partnership with Nike due to the Air Jordan brand and his ownership of the Charlotte Hornets franchise has been very lucrative. However, LeBron James is the only NBA athlete who became a billionaire while an active player. Moreover, both these players’ accomplishments speak volumes of their impact on the game. Hence, the two great players often get the consideration in the GOAT debate.