Djokovic\’s Coach Unhappy With The Serb\’s Body Language In Quarterfinal Defeat Against Nadal At French Open!


Novak Djokovic was the favorite to win the Roland Garros this year. He entered the tournament as the title defender with a win at the Italian Open. On the other hand, Rafael Nadal battled with a chronic foot injury during his comeback after a rib stress fracture. However, the Spaniard seemed to be in no trouble during the quarterfinal win against the world no. 1. Nole had not lost a single set in the tournament before entering the quarterfinals, where he was defeated in four sets. Rafa continued his glorious Roland Garros form and eventually won his 14th Major title in Paris and 22nd Grand Slam title, two more than Djokovic and Federer. The world no. 4 showcased once again why it is almost impossible to defeat him on clay.

Evidently, Djokovic\’s coach Goran Ivanisevic was not pleased by the Serb\’s quarterfinal loss. He believed that the body language of the two legendary players was what made the real difference during the encounter. The Croatian tennis coach disclosed that he was left in a funk after Nole\’s defeat and had not been able to sleep. Goran was more sad than disappointed as it was not a perfect match for both sides. Nole\’s coach stated that Nadal did not play a spectacular match. But, the Spaniard\’s body language and aggression throughout gave him a victory over Novak. Ivanisevic added, \”But the body language decided, from the first point until the last: Rafa\’s body language and Novak\’s body language.\”


Nadal shocked the Serb as he attacked from the beginning and clinched the first set by 6-2. Nole made a comeback in the second set as he managed to win by 6-4. However, Nadal continued to push as he bagged the third set by 6-2. Djokovic did not give up and managed to take a 5-2 lead. At that time, the game seemed to be going towards the deciding fith set. However, Rafa saved two set points in the fourth set to secure the game and enter the semi-finals, where he beat Zverev and went on to win the title.

Ivanisevic Confident About Djokovic\’s Comeback At Wimbledon

The former Croatian tennis star shared that Novak\’s ability to come back from tough losses would be seen when he plays at Wimbledon next month. Goran emphasized that Nole is a genius with a unique mindset. However, the Serb still needs to figure things out even though he needs less time than most players. Goran was confident about Djokovic\’s ability and was certain that he would be ready for Wimbledon. 

Nadal French Open 2022

Elsewhere, Nadal opened up about his chronic foot injury. He suggested that he was planning on going through major surgery. Rafa shared that he cannot and does not want to keep going with the circumstances he is playing in. The Spaniard hoped to work hard to find a solution and improve the condition of his foot. The french open 2022 winner further revealed that he might have to undergo major surgery. However, the procedure may not guarantee his return to the competitive level and could take quite some recovery time.

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