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The 2023 MLB season will commence in less than two months from now. Moreover, ahead of the opening day, the bullpens will report for spring training later this month. The teams will try and test out their best roster lineup and field them accordingly on the opening day. On top of that, the spring training also gives the teams an option to hold auditions for a particular position.

Meanwhile, the New York Yankees will have much at stake in the spring training. The club has lots of issues to figure out. From finding a left-fielder to determining a starting shortstop, the Yanks are still undecided on a starting roster. On the other hand, the Yankees\’ prime infielder, DJ LeMahieu, is reportedly healthy again and participating in all team activities. However, his exact position in the field is still under scanner.


Which Is The Best Spot For DJ LeMahieu? Second Or Third Base?


DJ LeMahieu has been a crucial player for the New York Yankees for so many years. Moreover, fans believed the absence of DJ was the prime reason for the Yankees\’ loss against Astros in ALCS last year. DJ missed the 2022 postseason owing to a foot injury. Hence, the Yankees\’ form tumbled, leading to their ouster. However, this year, DJ is said to have regained his fitness and is set to start for the Yankees on the opening day.

However, his exact position in the field is yet to be determined by the Yanks\’ front office. An MLB insider made a few observations and claimed that DJ LeMahieu is likely to split his time between second as well as third base. Jon Morosi says Anthony Rizzo will handle the first base without a doubt. However, for the second base, the Yanks will juggle between DJ and Gleyber Torres.

FYI, Torres just renewed his contract to avoid arbitration. Further, Jon expressed concerns over the Yanks placing Josh Donaldson in the third base as Josh was a major flop last year. Jon concluded by saying DJ LeMahieu is an MVP-level player, and the Yanks must handle his situation responsibly.

Bigger Challenges Await For Yankees Ahead Of The Opening Day


The New York Yankees built a good bullpen in the off-season. However, still, the club remains undecided on its starting roster. For starters, the left field is wide open, with only a few unreliable candidates available to fill the spot. On top of that, the Yankees have three prospects fighting for a single shortstop position.

Overall, the situation within the Yankees camp looks like a mess. The front office needs to sort things out before it\’s too late. It takes a whole farm to win a World Series title. Hence, having three or four notable names will not help the Yanks much in the long run. Moreover, the fans have laid a lot of hopes on the roster this season to break the 13-year jinx of a championship title finally.

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