LeBron James
LeBron James

Nothing is going right for the Los Angeles Lakers this season. After a pathetic first half, the Lakers went hit by injury concerns. Anthony Davis, followed by Lonnie Walker IV and Austin Reaves, received injuries that kept them out for a long time. While Davis and Walker returned last week, Austin is still on the bench. As a result, the Lakers are in the 13th position in the Western Conference points table with 24-28.

A further addition to the Lakers\’ misery are the unlawful challenges going against their way. In the past couple of months, the purple and gold have gotten involved in multiple foul mishaps, which were flagged no-calls. On top of that, most of the decisions have gone against the Lakers; at least, that\’s what LeBron James claims. However, a Yahoo Sports reporter decided to do some investigation and came up with a whole opposite opinion.


Yahoo Reporter Rubbishes Biasness Claims On NBA Made By LeBron James


The Sunday night game between the Lakers and Celtics ended on an ugly note after the Lakers dramatically lashed out at referees for missing a foul call. The wrong decision pushed the game to overtime, where the purple and gold marked their 27th loss of the season. Moreover, post the game, LeBron James, the one involved in the mishap, and Anthony Davis called out the refs and claimed that the team felt cheated.

Ask, and you shall receive: I reviewed every L2M report for every team, and here is the data (in which LAL is 2nd only to LAC in percentage of late-game missed calls/no-calls in their favor): @YahooSportsNBA: https://t.co/IQaUnIarmC pic.twitter.com/6j9RDctohW

— Ben Rohrbach (@brohrbach) January 31, 2023

Meanwhile, LeBron James went a step ahead and accused the NBA of unfair treatment. James added that he watched all the games every day and noticed that such mistakes are not happening to any other team, indirectly accusing the NBA of biases. However, Ben Rohrbach of Yahoo Sports did some digging and debunked LeBron\’s claims. According to a report posted by Ben on his Twitter handle, the Lakers were involved in 34 last two minute no calls, out of which 21 have gone in their favor. Their success rate is 61.8%, only second to the Clippers.

LeBron Goes Ballistic After Referees\’ Fail To Pick Up A Foul

The Lakers faced Celtics on Sunday. During the final seconds of the game, LeBron James made a shot attempt to close the game. However, Jayson Tatum made illegal contact with James\’ hand which foiled the forward\’s attempt. The Lakers appealed for a foul. But the referees flagged it as a no-call. Further, a frustrated LeBron James burst out in anger and yelled relentlessly. His teammates Anthony Davis and Patrick Beverley too joined the protest, but the decision remained unchanged.

LeBron James-Jayson Tatum

Subsequently, the game got pushed to overtime, where the Lakers eventually lost. Moreover, the investigation report revealed that Jayson\’s illegal contact was indeed a foul. The NBA referees association issued an apology. However, LeBron James was in no mood to move on as he kept expressing his dissent through multiple social media posts, calling out the refs and Jayson Tatum. FYI, this is the fourth time the Lakers have lost a game because of crucial no-call decisions.

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