DJ Lemahieu In Need Of Surgery In The 2023 MLB Season? Yankees’ Ace Provides Major Update

DJ LeMahieu

New York Yankees infielder, DJ LeMahieu, gives a major update on foot injury after the first day of spring training.

DJ LeMahieu’s last two seasons have been marred by injuries. In 2021, DJ injured his hip tissue and ended up having surgery. However, he returned in 2022 with total health and batted .261/.357/.377 in 467 at-bats with 12 homers and 46 RBIs in total. Moreover, DJ earned his first golden glove award as a utility player. However, his 2022 season ended prematurely.

After the first half, DJ LeMahieu suffered from a foot fracture and could not recover in time. Further, DJ decided not to opt for surgery as he wanted his foot to heal naturally. Hence, that forced the infielder to miss the postseason. On the other hand, the Yankees paid a heavy price as the team was dismantled during ALCS. Now, as the 2023 season approaches, DJ has some good news for the Yankee fanbase.

DJ LeMahieu Says His Foot Is 100% Fine After Spring Training

New York Yankees have some good news ahead of the official spring training game against the Phillies on 25th February. DJ LeMahieu, who suffered from a foot fracture in the 2022 postseason, has now returned to full health. The infielder further gave insights on what prompted him to choose rehab over surgery. DJ said he considered having foot surgery. However, after consultation with a few specialists, he thought going for rehabilitation is a wise option. Hence, DJ chose to heal his foot naturally and considered it the right decision.

Further speaking on the current condition, DJ LeMahieu showed a lot of confidence and said his foot now feels 100% fine, and he is ready to roll. LeMahieu reported for spring training a little early and participated in various workout and field training sessions. Moreover, < a href="">Yankees manager, Aaron Boone

, said DJ looks in good shape, and the front office is happy with his progress. However, the skipper did admit that his condition will require close monitoring throughout the season.

LeMahieu Pumped Up For 2023 MLB Season

DJ LeMahieu
DJ LeMahieu-Yankees

Now that DJ LeMahieu is back fully healthy, his core goal is to stay healthy for the whole season and eventually make a difference. DJ said he feels gutted to have missed last season, and it has added more motivation in him for this season. He wants to take the field for the Yankees every single day this year. Further, the infielder said his mindset this season would stay the same with just a slight change of additional focus on health.

Furthermore, DJ assured that he would portray the role of a utility player. He said he likes playing different positions and will continue doing so this season as well. Lastly, DJ concluded by saying he is in a great space right now, both physically as well as mentally. The news of LeMahieu’s recovery is also good news for Yankees fans, who have high expectations for the team in the upcoming season. LeMahieu’s presence in the lineup will be a key factor in the team’s success, and his return to full health is a positive sign for the team’s chances.