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The New York Yankees is probably the most recognized team in MLB. It is an American baseball team, yet you will find people wearing Yankees-printed T-shirts and caps in India too. They may fail to win the championship, but they never fail to get the most fame. Being the captain of such a team must not have been easy. It took 62 record-breaking home runs from Aaron Judge to announce him as a captain. So one can imagine how hard it must have been for Derek Jeter to become Yankees captain for the first time after 1995. Let’s know about Derek Jeter’s journey with his own explanation.

This year, Aaron Judge took all the footage with his spectacular performance. As he ended the season as a free agent, a battle was ignited in terms of offering the perfect contract to the slugger. However, he finally selected the Yankees, or let’s say his legacy, and got back in New York. Now let’s keep aside the new captain’s story and get back to the old one who first thought he was in trouble when the manager called him in 2003.


Derek Jeter Got The Captaincy News Through Newspaper

Recently, in an interview, Derek Jeter explained the whole scenario when he was offered to become Yankees captain. He said, “I had a great relationship with George Steinbrenner [Yankees manager]. At first, I thought I was in trouble.” He explained that his relationship with Steinbrenner was good and that they used to go to dinner together. Every year the boss and the player used to have a meeting. In one of those office visits, the manager guided Jeter saying, “you need to be focused. I need you to be disciplined, I need you to lead the Yankees.”

The Yankees captain, who led the team for 12 years, explains how Steinbrenner said that he doesn’t want him to be at birthday parties till 3 am in the morning. Derek Jeter revealed that he refused to change his lifestyle and continued to party as he did not want to make his boss happy by changing his partying ways.

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Jeter said, “I invited all my teammates to my house for dinner, then we went out. We got out of the club; we were 15.” And then Derek explained what happened the next day. The next morning on the front page of the paper, there was Jeter’s picture with a heading; it is 3;00 in the morning Derek was still out. He said, “the next morning, I got a message saying the boss wants to talk to you.”

And when the player finally went to meet the boss, he found that it was no trouble. But a piece of good news. Right then, Derek Jeter was announced to become the captain of the New York Yankees.

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