Derek Sanderson Jeter is a former American Basketball player who has been an integral part of the New York Yankees for about one and a half decades. Meanwhile, after his retirement from professional sports, Derek has had several other high-paying ventures in his life. And that has brought immense success and money to his life. So, if you are also curious about Derek Jeter’s net worth, keep reading.

Early Life!

On June 16, 1946, in Pequannock, New Jersey, Sanderson Charles Jeter, and Dorothy gave birth to Derek Sanderson Jeter. His father worked as a drug abuse analyst, while his mother was a bookkeeper. In addition to being German, he is both Irish and African American. He has a sister named Sharlee. When he was a child, the family relocated to Kalamazoo, Michigan, from New Jersey.

Derek Jeter Net Worth

He attended Kalamazoo Central High School, where he played basketball and baseball. He had a .508 batting average towards the end of his senior year. He received a baseball scholarship from the University of Michigan to compete for the Michigan Wolverines during his undergraduate years once they became aware of his potential.


When the New York Yankees signed Derek Jeter in the 1992 MLB Draft, his career officially got underway. From 1992 until 1995, he then represented the Yankees in the minor leagues. He had a difficult debut season before moving on to play with the Tampa Yankees. He received jersey number #2 before making his MLB debut in May 1995. Derek had a productive debut season after being ranked as baseball’s sixth greatest prospect in 1996. He had a batting average of 349 in 1999, and 134 runs were scored by him.

He agreed to an additional ten years of employment with the Yankees in 2001. Jeter recorded his 400th career double in June 2008. Despite the fact that the Yankees’ 2008 campaign was a failure, Jeter had achieved a number of noteworthy milestones, including being the third-youngest player ever to accumulate 2,500 hits. He reached a lot of milestones between 2010 and 2012. 

Additionally to earning his 2,874th hit on the Majors chart, he was chosen for the AL All-Star league for the fifth straight season. He scored 216 runs in the 2012 campaign. His final season in Major League Baseball was in 2014. In 2013, Jeter also launched an imprint called Jeter Publishing. He works at Luvo Inc., a manufacturer of frozen foods, as the brand development officer. He acquired the Buffalo Bills football franchise in 2014. Additionally, he has invested in the video network firm Whistle Sports Network.

Derek Jeter Net Worth!

It is not difficult to think that after playing in Major League Basketball for over eighteen years, a player would have amassed a sizable wealth. Derek Jeter, a basketball player, is in a similar situation. He is one of the most respected players not just for his on-field accomplishments but also for his off-field behavior, having avoided significant controversy during his lengthy career. He signed a $118.5 million contract with the Yankees in 1999.

Derek Jeter Net Worth

The deal amount for his final season was $12 million. Jeter has served as the Miami Marlins’ president and a co-owner of the Major League Baseball franchise since September 2017. Additionally, Derek has profited from his multi-million dollar endorsement agreements with companies like Ford, Nike, BISA, and Gatorade. Derek Jeter’s projected net worth as of August 2022 is about 220 million USD.

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