Cristiano Ronaldo Could Extend His Stay At Manchester United Amid Lack Of Interest From Other Clubs, Claims Erik ten Hag!

Cristiano Ronaldo

It looks like Cristiano Ronaldo is finding himself in a tough spot after sharing his desire to leave Manchester United before the end of his contract. The Portuguese returned to Old Trafford last season and scored 24 goals in the last season. However, the Red Devils secure the lowest points in the club\’s history, finishing sixth and failing to qualify for the Champions League. As a result, Ronaldo decided to leave the club due to the lack of transfer activity from new manager Erik ten Hag and ambitions of playing in the European League next season.

However, major clubs have refrained from taking Ronaldo on due to his high wages. The United center-forward current salary with the club is £385,000, which most clubs are unwilling to pay. Teams like Chelsea, PSG, and Bayern Munich have ruled themselves out of the trade discussions, making it tougher for Ronaldo to leave Manchester United this summer.

Erik ten Hag Reckons Ronaldo\’s Stay At Manchester United!

Meanwhile, Erik ten Hag has claimed Ronaldo could end up staying at Manchester United beyond his contract as the five-time Ballon d\’Or winner is capable of fitting into the Dutch coach\’s high-pressing strategy. Ronaldo has not joined the team on the pre-season tour of Bangkok and Australia, citing personal reasons. But this led to speculation that the Portuguese might have made his mind. However, the United boss clarified during the pre-season conference that Ronaldo is not for sale and he is a part of the club\’s plans for the 2022-23 season.


Moreover, before the game against Crystal Palace United at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Erik ten Hag stated that Cristiano could remain in Old Trafford beyond his contract. Erik revealed that the Portuguese superstar has an option of extending his contract to one more season. Hence, CR7 could be at the club for the next season. Moreover, the Dutch coach revealed that he signed a three-year contract with the Red Devils, which is short-term in football. \”We have to win from the start. So I don\’t look far ahead,\” the 52-year-old added.

Although ten Hag had still not spoken to Ronaldo about the transfer issues. However, the Dutchman is not worried about Ronaldo\’s fitness, despite his absence from the pre-season tour. Erik told that Ronaldo is a top professional, and his fitness is the Dutchman\’s last concern.

Why Are Top Clubs Rejecting Ronaldo For A Potential Transfer This Summer?

Ronaldo is one of the greatest personalities and the most talented player in the history of football. He is considered a legend in all parts of the world, which he has proved with brilliance every season. However, the Portuguese international has found himself in a tough position with teams not interested in bidding for him. The 37-year-old earned a hefty £385,000 per week with the United. Despite that, even the top clubs are not willing to spare such a huge chunk of money for Cristiano. 

Hag & Ronaldo

Another concern that the teams have is the lack of pressing, sprinting, and work rate from Ronaldo last season. This is a risk for the teams to spend so much money on a player who is undoubtedly the best. But, he is heading towards the twilight of his career. However, Erik ten Hag thinks otherwise. The Dutch manager said that Cristiano is capable of pressing at the front and has shown everything in his career. The Manchester United boss shared that they want to play in a certain way, and a top player like CR7 could hugely contribute to a squad\’s success.

On the other hand, Ronaldo is a dominating player. So, every team he plays for needs to build their strategy around him. However, Chelsea\’s Thomas Tuchel thinks football is a team game and should not be focused on a single player. Hence instead of going for Ronaldo, the Blues decided to recruit Raheem Sterling. Messi clearly did not want Ronaldo to join PSG and threatened to leave the club if they made a move on the Portuguese. Then, Bayern Munich also denied speculations about Cristiano being considered as Robert Lewandowski\’s replacement.

Thus, with major clubs denying Ronaldo\’s potential transfer, it is highly likely that he might have to stay with the Red Devils. Erik understands Ronaldo\’s dominating games and his capability to dictate the play. The Dutchman concluded, \”Especially players who score goals because they are extremely important for a team. You construct your team around them.\”

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