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What has been one of the most interesting and long-running dramas this year has finally come to an end in an epic conclusion to the saga of Aaron Judge\’s free agency. The slugger returned to his beloved pinstripe blues. Thanks to the record-breaking season, Judge\’s decision to refuse the Yankees\’ contract and become a free agent was paid off. Judge landed a massive 360 million dollar deal from the Yankees for 9 nine years. But how does his salary compare to other heavy deals in the MLB?

As soon as Aaron Judge committed to playing with the Yankees, supporters of the team breathed a sigh of relief. The American League MVP from the previous year agreed to a record-setting $90-million deal. Even though the value of job-hopping in enabling employees to command higher salaries has received a lot of attention this year, Judge\’s experience was the exact opposite.


Judge is now among the world\’s top-paid sportsmen because of his deal with the New York Yankees. The contract is among the richest in terms of overall value as well as average yearly value. This is thanks to the statistics above the dotted line.

With an annual salary of over $40 million, Aaron Judge will surpass all other position players in the league. Though not quite as large as the top earners in the league, the total contract is still quite large. There is no reason to object to $40 million each year. In particular, given that it is over ten times the $4.4 million that ESPN reports were the average MLB pay for the previous season.

Judge\’s contract, which is expected to be around $360 million. This has surpassed Bryce Harper\’s 13-year, $330 million agreement with the Philadelphia Phillies from 2019, making it the richest MLB free agency contract ever. Only two contracts in MLB will pay the players more. Those are Mike Trout\’s 12-year, $426.5 million agreement with the Angels and Mookie Betts\’ 12-year, 365 million-dollar pact with the Dodgers.

Aaron Judge

Only six sportsmen have signed contracts worth more money than Aaron Judge overall. Lionel Messi, who committed to FC Barcelona for four years and $674 million, is at the top of the list. With a 10-year, $503 million contract signed in 2020, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes holds the North American sports record.

Other more MLB players have inked hefty contracts. Two of the ten most costly contracts in MLB history were inked by Aaron Judge and Trea Turner only this summer. The Padres, Phillies, and Yankees each hold two of the ten highest-paying contracts in MLB history that players have signed. Giancarlo Stanton initially signed a sizable contract with the Marlins, which the Yankees also assumed.

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