Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry
Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry

The GOAT(Greatest Of All Time) debate in the National Basketball Association is never-ending. Based on who you ask, you will get different names from LeBron James to Micheal Jordan. Some even name Steph Curry is one of the great due to his skills as a shooter. Meanwhile, recently, Stephen Curry also chose himself over other NBA greats.  

Steph Curry Names Himself GOAT!

Sports Illustrated recently crowned Steph Curry Sportsperson of the Year. The Golden State Warriors player was questioned by the journal during his interview and asked how he compared to other legendary athletes. The LA Lakers great Kobe Bryant was the subject of the original question to Curry. Curry replied, \”I love you, Kobe, man, but I gotta go with myself, right?\” while also expressing his love for Kobe.

Steph Curry

The next name suggested was LeBron James, a star with the LA Lakers. James and Curry have faced off four times in the NBA Finals, with Curry coming out on top three times. The legendary Chicago Bulls player Michael Jordan was then brought up, receiving a similar reaction as Kobe Bryant. Curry then remarked, \”Mike, I love you man, but it\’s me.\”

As he responded to the last query, Steph Curry gave the fabled Jordan shrug. At the same time, the remarks will probably draw criticism. It\’s vital to remember that they were created with good intentions. The mindset of every player should be similar to that of Curry, who thinks he is the best player.

Steph Curry

This season, Steph Curry\’s averages have been 30.0 points, 6.6 rebounds, 7.0 assists, 1.0 steals, and 0.3 blocks per game. The eight-time All-Star also has a field goal percentage of 49.9%, a three-point percentage of 43.2%, and a free-throw percentage of 90.6%. Curry now needs one made a field goal to achieve a field goal percentage of 50%. If he can continue to score 30.0 points a game while shooting 50.0% from the field, 40.0% from beyond the arc, and 90.0% from the free throw line. He would join the 50-40-90 club and become only the second player to average at least 30.0 points per game.

Even when this video was recorded, it was clear that MJ\’s remark was made in jest because Stephen Curry had just won his fourth title and MVP of the Finals. Curry will be inducted into the Hall of Fame as anyone who has accomplished everything they have should, and MJ will still claim that he could defeat Curry one-on-one.

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