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The Los Angeles Lakers have proven their worth ever since they made changes to the team at the trade deadline. The results now display how important those trades are turning out now. Coach Darvin Ham even gloated about the depth of the team after their last two wins in the league. These results at every moment are what has brought them so close to the postseason. Otherwise, the Lakers were a rock-bottom team, and even their fans had lost faith in them. But what matters is the bigger picture, and the Lakers are the ones having the last laugh.

The impact of the deeper squads has been such that LeBron James now gets to relax a bit in the games. Earlier, it used to be a two-man show led by LeBron and Anthony Davis. In the game against the Rockets, LeBron finished with a triple-double, scoring 18 points in a massive win. But nobody even realized his performance because of the monstrous Davis 40-point performance. Moreover, the supporting role of Rui Hachimura and Austin Reaves performed so well that LeBron played a relaxed game.


LeBron James’ Shoulders Relieved From The Pressure

Los Angeles Lakers. Source : @Lakers

There is no doubt that the team was built on two superstar players who led the team. But in the season’s early stages, LeBron suffered from exhaustion as he had to pull off an extraordinary performance. And it was obvious that he was not able to sustain the pressure. Therefore getting injured more often than usual. But ever since the Lakers have introduced depth in their squad, his participation depends on the team’s needs. This does not mean that the old man has slowed down. However, it means that he can control his throttle, depending on the situation.

Coach Darvin Ham also talked about how the depth of the team has relieved James of his pressure. This also means that the team is no longer dependent on the availability of one player. Ham said, “Not that he’s not playing hard, but we’re not dependent on him for every single thing.” James took the role of the provider rather than providing everything himself.

The Lakers Win In Overtime Against Utah Jazz

LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers) Source - NBC sports

Last night’s win announced LA’s fourth consecutive win in the league. With just three games remaining, they are now in a much better position for the playoffs. The game was special for LeBron as he heard ‘GOAT’ noises in the stadium. It was a well-deserved chant as he ended the game scoring a massive 37 points on the night. Apart from scoring points, he also netted the ball in the overtime to confirm the Lakers’ win.

But the thing that made it special for Ham was that it was more of a team effort than an individual effort. Austin Reaves and Anthony Davis also pitched in with their 20 games each for the win. It looks like the Lakers are ready for the postseason.