LeBron James Darvin Ham
LeBron James Darvin Ham

LeBron James fans have been waiting for a long time to see him back on the court alongside the Lakers squad. It has been a while since the King was featured in the lineup. LeBron James apparently missed 14 games in a row due to a tendon injury on his right foot during the game against the Mavericks on February 26.

Now, the regular NBA season is coming to an end. And the Lakers don’t have many games to shift their position on the table. If the team needs to get a direct qualification to the playoffs, they need to win matches and hold onto a streak to climb up to the top six. Clearly, they need all the possible ammunition to attack the opponent and secure the wins. And alongside AD, James needs to be there to lead the squad to the finals.


Anthony Davis Says What He Thinks The Lakers Need To Work On

Anthony Davis LeBron James
Anthony Davis, LeBron James Lakers via Los Angeles Times) Source: Los Angeles Times

The Lakers had a streak going before the game against the Bulls last night. But the visitors broke the three-match winning streak of the Lakers. Unfortunately, LeBron James and the rest had no answer. But what went so wrong for the Lakers in the last game? According to the man of the moment for the Lakers, Anthony Davis revealed what he thought was the problem. AD felt that putting too much pressure on himself was not good for the team. He believes that he and James should figure out the fine line where they can let go of some opportunities and let the other players come and join the party.

Just because they are LeBron James and Anthony Davis does not mean they have to dictate everything happening in the game. They need to let the others on the team play as they do. After all, it is a team game and not a two-person show. When everybody comes together as a unit, the team does really well. This philosophy is what Anthony Davis wants to tell himself, LeBron James, and the team to follow. Otherwise, the Lakers are doing well but could not continue to carry on the positive momentum for the rest of the game.

” Just come out and just be LeBron James and Anthony Davis. All the other guys are going to be themselves. Don’t overthink it. Don’t put too much pressure on ourselves. Just come out and play basketball,” reckoned Anthony Davis.

Darvin Ham Says It Was Vital To Check On LeBron James’ Fitness

LeBron James Darvin Ham
LeBron James Darvin Ham Lakers

Lakers coach Darvin Ham also spoke about LeBron James returning to the lineup at NBA Interviews. The coach revealed that they wanted to get James ready for matches. Hence, it was kind of a trial run, and James played for a little less than half an hour. Evidently, the team will need him to be at his best if the Lakers make the postseason. James had not played for a long time and was working on recovery from the injury. Hence, it was necessary to get him on the court as soon as possible.

It was a crucial moment when LeBron James hurt his foot and got. The fans thought it was all over. Until AD rescued the Lakers, and then came D’Angelo Russell from injury break, joining the party. Later Austin Reaves became an integral part of the team’s recent success without James. They kept the hopes alive for the fans of the LA side. Now the Lakers have a very short time in hand to lift themselves up on the table to see if they make the playoffs directly or via the play-in tournament.