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Being one of the most successful racing teams in Formula 1 history, Red Bull Racing has certainly earned its place among the sport’s elite. In recent years, the team has been at the forefront of a number of technical developments that have helped them dominate the championship. The credit bearer of this whole turnaround is none other than the team principal himself, Christian Horner.

Horner, a former racing driver, called it quits on his racing career at the young age of 25. However, the love and adrenaline for the sport pushed Horner back into the Formula One world. He joined Red Bull as the team principal and brought the success that would soon go down in the books of the history of the sport. But what led to this sudden change in fortune? The team boss shared the mindset of the organization that helped the team reach higher scales.


Christian Horner Speaks On What Led To Red Bull’s Phenomenal Success In Recent Years

Christian Horner
Formula One F1 – Mexico City Grand Prix – Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, Mexico City, Mexico – October 28, 2022 Red Bull team principal Christian Horner during a press conference REUTERS/Edgard Garrido

Red Bull is arguably the best team on the tracks of Formula One right now. Last season, they clinched the constructor’s as well as the driver’s championship with a comfortable margin. Moreover, even this season, the brand new RB19 has an unmatchable pace which could win them another season with utmost ease. Meanwhile, Christian Horner, the brain behind this whole era of success, spoke about the series of events that led to the team’s success in recent years. According to Horner, it’s the ability to take risks without any ounce of fear that sets this team apart from the rest of the nine on the grid.

Red Bull loves and enjoys taking risks. Further, the team principal, Christian Horner, added that they have an open and casual culture within the organization, which makes the team more vibrant and effective. The drink-based team apparently follows a simple motto, “no risk, no fun.” Certainly, these philosophies and mottos have helped Red Bull reach new heights in the past couple of seasons. Moreover, considering their current form, the dominance is likely to continue for an extended period of time as their arch-rivals, Mercedes, struggle to close the gap.

Horner Assures That Both Red Bull Drivers Are Being Treated Equally Amid Conflict Rumors

Christian Horner
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This Formula One season, the Red Bulls look like clear winners despite the season being just four races old. However, the drink-based team cannot have a minute to relax as their drivers fight tooth and nail for the driver’s championship title. Max Verstappen, the defending champion, is giving his teammate, Sergio Perez, a hard time with his aggressive tactics. However, the Mexican is not looking to back down either from an equal fight.

Meanwhile, rumors started swirling that Red Bull is favoring Max over Perez after Christian Horner termed Sergio’s Baku win “lucky.” However, the team principal brushed off the rumors and said both drivers were being treated equally. Moreover, the team is ensuring that paranoia does not creep in between the two drivers and both get a fair share to fight it out on the track in equal machinery to claim the ultimate championship title.