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Max Verstappen Calls Out Mercedes’ Chief Toto Wolff For His Comments On The New F1 Regulations

The on-track Formula One battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton is always exciting to watch, but their off-track verbal conflicts add to the excitement for fans. Max frequently displays his rivalry with Mercedes, taking aim not only at Hamilton but also at George Russell and Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff. Over the past weekend, there was a lot of focus on the intense moments between Verstappen and Russell. However, this upcoming weekend will likely center around verbal disagreements between the Red Bull ace driver and the Mercedes TP.

After the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, which remained a boring weekend as suggested by a lot of fans, including Toto Wolff, he made a comment on the regulations of FIA. Wolff believes that the reason for less excitement is nothing but the cars and the reduced DRS zone. It prevents overtakes, thus reducing the eye-sticking moments of the sport. He apparently showed concerns over the fundamental rules that FIA is continuously altering. However, Max Verstappen finds it funny that Toto Wolff, being the boss of a team that dominated the sport for eight years straight, is saying something like that.

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Toto Wolff, the Mercedes CEO

“You Can’t Always Expect Craziest Things To Happen,” Max Verstappen Has Some Suggestions For Toto Wolff

Speaking with Racingnews 365, Max Verstappen criticized Toto Wolff’s unnecessary concern over the rules. According to him, “Wolff is saying so, of course, because he was winning himself then [with the previous rules].” The Mercedes boss claimed it was “boring,” right? Max also agreed that sometimes, the race gets boring. But then he gave an example of Football. What happens in the game of Football is you don’t always get great matches. “Sometimes you get to watch boring matches,” asserted the Red Bull driver.

According to Max Verstappen, Mercedes chief Toto Wolff is just manipulating everything and creating unnecessary tension about the matter. But he is forgetting that these things are just a part of the sport. Each sport has sun and rain. It is not always exciting, not always boring!
Max believes that it is true that sometimes spectators expect crazy things from the game, but nothing happens. And sometimes the opposite happens: you keep low expectations, but you have the craziest things take place.

Max Verstappen and George Russell

In conclusion, we can say that the Dutch driver does not find the DRS regulation to be inappropriate. Rather he wants to change the system of street circuits. Max finds it annoying how the street circuits are not safe, [or how he does not win with the streets and his teammate Sergio Perez rocks. When the Motorsports asked him if he was a fan of the street circuits, Max said, “Def no.”

However, he appreciated Checo for being so good at it. Max feels that there are some tracks that suit the driver’s way of driving. Street tracks do not come under his command. Max Verstappen admitted that he likes the fast corners, and fortunately, there is much of that on the calendar.