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Its been known to the entire world that Cristiano Ronaldo is interested in joining a new team since Manchester United could not advance to the UEFA Champions League this season. And even after the transfer season has closed, new information is still coming to light regarding the complicated Ronaldo transfer saga. Early in the summer, Bayern Munich and Chelsea FC were mentioned as potential destinations for Ronaldo. However, Ronaldo ultimately had no option but to remain at Manchester United. However, the recent birdies are revealing that Chelsea FC is targeting Ronaldo for a bigger role. Keep reading to find out more.

Is Chelsea Signing Ronaldo?

After the FIFA World Cup 2022, Chelsea is allegedly interested in recruiting Cristiano Ronaldo. This is in response to the hiring of a new coach Graham Potter. This significant event comes after some sources indicated that the team had sacked Thomas Tuchel. Evidently, during the summer transfer window, he could not acquire the Portugal international. 


Chelsea is reportedly eager to resume its pursuit of five-time Ballon d\’Or winner Ronaldo after their previous effort to sign him fell through. The Portuguese player has played sparingly for Old Trafford under their new manager Erik ten Hag. He only played him just twice. Meanwhile, despite spending a lot of money on Romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner in subsequent transfer windows, Chelsea still needs more dependable goal scorers.


Earlier rumors said that Ronaldo wanted to leave Manchester United in the summer since the club didn\’t play any UEFA Champions League games. And now, since there isn\’t enough playing time, he could have another excuse to go. However, there will still be persistent rumors about the Portuguese striker. The 37-year-old is approaching the necessary level of fitness to start more games, according to a recent statement from ten Hag.


In the next games against Manchester United, Ronaldo will continue to have difficult starts. It would also be fascinating to see whether Chelsea wants to sign him after the FIFA World Cup in 2022. The only team that seemed interested in acquiring Ronaldo this summer to bolster their assault was the Blues. Todd Boehly, the new club owner, views him as a crucial component of his plan. His contract with Manchester United expires in the summer of 2023, according to the agreement that Ronaldo and United signed. Since he famously switched from Real Madrid to Juventus, there has been a lot of drama about Ronaldo\’s transfer sagas. But they don\’t appear to have been successful for his most recent teams.

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