Juan Soto and Aaron Judge LAPRESSE

This year, the New York Yankees anticipate an extraordinary display of hitting prowess from the dynamic hitting duo of Aaron Judge and Juan Soto. While Judge, a former AL-MVP, Soto is just entering his prime at the age of 25 with three All-Star appearances to his name already.

Meanwhile, as the 2024 season inched closer, Aaron Judge and Juan Soto will be responsible for keeping the Yankees scoreboard ticking. The duo’s ability to hit towering home runs with minimal effort is second to none. Meanwhile, an MLB statistician recently predicted the Judge-Soto due to script franchise history with a remarkable feat in 2024.


Can Aaron Judge-Juan Soto Shatter 50-Year Long Yankees Record?


Juan Soto arrived in the Bronx this season on a one-year rental guarantee. Thus, the 2024 season is the best chance for the New York Yankees to contest for the World Series championship and bank on Aaron Judge-Juan Soto to lead the way. Both Judge and Soto are highly acclaimed hitters in major league baseball. Judge established his supremacy in 2022 when he set a world record and grabbed a career maiden AL-MVP award. On the other hand, Soto has taken the MLB world by storm with his impeccable talent at the age of 25. He has made three All-Star appearances and won a championship with the Nationals. Not only that, Soto finished second in the NL MVP race in 2021 as Bryce Harper gained an edge.

Regardless, in 2024, the two huge forces could come together to produce wonders for the New York Yankees. Meanwhile, Sarah Langs of MLB.com recently revealed how Judge and Soto could script rare franchise history this coming season. She predicted Soto would finish with a 171 wRC+. Soto has already posted 140 wRC+ in the past five seasons. Thus, another year of 140 wRC+ will place Soto in the ranks of Mike Trout, Mickey Mantle, Mel Ott, and Ty Cobb. Besides, Juan Soto and Aaron Judge are likely to finish in the top two with a 6.7 and 6.2 WAR, respectively. Langs mentioned that the last time two Yankee players finished in the top two positions in WAR was back in 1942 when Charlie Keller and Joe Gordon did it. Thus, if the dynamic hitting duo manages to finish the season as per preset expectations, history is in the making for the Yanks.

Will Warren To Take A Leap To Majors In 2024?

Will Warren
Photo courtesy Somerset Patriots

In other news, the New York Yankees’ no. 2 pitching prospect, Will Warren, could likely make a debut starting rotation in 2024. The team’s pitching coach, Matt Blake, hinted at the same in a recent conversation with the New York Daily News. “He looks good. So he’ll definitely be in the conversation,” said Blake.

The coach also added that Will Warren will be seen a lot in spring training. A final call will be taken after assessing his performance. But overall, the prospect stands a real chance at a debut next season. He managed to excite every top club official with his talent in the minors. Thus, the Yankees cannot wait to see what the pitcher has to offer in the big leagues.

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